Bottled Water with a Purpose: NIKA Water

May 13, 2009

There are partners that are doing such great things that we want to talk about them again and again.NIKA Water is one such partner.Launched earlier this year, NIKA is a bottled water company whose mission is to help alleviate water and sanitation needs in impoverished countries.With 100% of profits going toward clean water and water-related sanitation projects, NIKA hopes to meet the water requirements of thousands of families.

Not stopping there, NIKA Water has also taken the time to address the environmental implications of their product.They received our CarboFree® Product Certification label and have pledged that for every bottle of water they sell they will ensure that another empty plastic bottle is recycled.NIKA has also created a unique program to provide enterprising young men and woman the opportunity to take an active role in solving this crisis by helping to promote NIKA’s mission and NIKA water. These Agents of Change (AOC) have a simple mission: spread the word about NIKA, the water and the cause to as many people as possible and convince them to buy NIKA water.

NIKA is off to a great start, receiving press articles and coverage from news outlets.They also have a website with educational information about the water crisis, the environment and how you can get involved.Check it out: