Bottle Farm Launches June 23rd with a Carbonfree® Partnership Commitment

June 23, 2020

A new sustainable hydroponic growing system, Bottle Farm, is launching its Kickstarter campaign on June 23rd, with a commitment to become a Carbonfree® Small Business Partner by the end of 2020.

Bottle Farm’s kits will help customers turn any used plastic bottle into a beautiful indoor farm and grow produce, herbs and other plants in your own home.

Bottle Farm is committed to having a positive environmental impact.  The new company has taken time to develop a manufacturing process that is sustainability focused, but its carbon footprint still isn’t zero. That’s why Bottle Farm has pledged to offset 100% of its operational carbon footprint in 2020.

By joining the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, Bottle Farm will neutralize about 80,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions from its 2020 operations, by supporting’s high quality third-party validated carbon offset projects.

The Bottle Farm kit makes it possible to grow food in unused space.  Hang it off a window or flip it round to sit on a flat counter or window sill.  The soilless hydroponic technology uses a special nutrient powder that assists faster plant growth and no need to water.  The Bottle Farm kit turns a used plastic bottle into a beautiful and functional garden – watch your food grow before your eyes, from root to leaf!  It’s a great way to introduce children to the lifecycle of plants!

The Bottle Farm kit includes a stand to hold your bottle, suction pads that slot into the stands for growing on a window, grow baskets that sit in the bottle and provide the structure where the plants will grow. They also give the bottle walls added strength.  The Bottle Farm stands, suction pads and grow baskets are all made from recyclable plastic.  The Grow Pods slot into the Grow Basket and provide a place for seeds to take root. Made from sustainable ground coconut husk, they take up just the right amount of water and nutrients for your plants.  The nutrient powder contains all the micro-nutrients that plants need for quick and healthy growth. The powder dissolves into the water where the roots are able to access it. No soil, no problem. The final ingredient, the Bottle Farm kits will be available with one pack of seeds and customers can choose from a wide range of produce and plant options.  Sign up today to receive your first kit when the Bottle Farm Kickstarter campaign launches.