BoardEvals Enhancing Governance, Taking Leadership on Green Practices

May 11, 2009

be-logoBoard evaluations sometimes are done ad hoc, rather than with a standardized, automated board evaluation process. BoardEvals provides web-based board evaluation tools that can help nonprofit & corporate organizations perform more efficient, effective and thorough board evaluations. BoardEvals is committed to environmentally conscious business practices, including recycling, energy conservation and offsetting. “BoardEvals is committed to being an active, responsible partner within our community,” said Jim Schraith, BoardEvals’ founder and president. On becoming a CarbonFree® Partner, he says, “Part of this commitment includes taking a leadership role in green, environmentally-friendly business practices, and this program is one of the steps we are taking to achieve that objective.” Based in El Dorado Hills, Calif., you can learn more about BoardEvals from anywhere by visiting the website,