Thursday, 25 June 2009 16:57

Dental Offices Make Reductions, Go Green

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Advanced Dental Arts, a CarbonFree® Partner in Scituate, MA, helps to change lives with a smile and helps to save the Earth with their commitment to the environment. Advanced Dental Arts is conscious of the fact that they generate a large volume of medical waste every single day. The instruments and materials used cannot generally be recycled due to health hazards. To help alleviate this problem, they invested in digital x-rays, and over the last year, switched to full computerization and have gotten rid of all paper patient records. Advanced Dental Arts is a shining example of a business doing its part by reducing what they can, offsetting what they can’t.
Paper Culture is one of's newest CarbonFree® Business Partners.  We are proud to have them on board.  An online, modern stationary company, Paper Culture offers its customers unique, original, and environmentally responsible stationary products. logos_paper-cultureInspired by brands like Kate Spade, Design Within Reach, Mini, Marc Jacobs and Apple, Paper Culture offers distinctive designs.  If you like clean lines, a modern point of view and design that focuses on bold colors and fresh typography, Paper Culture is the right fit for you. In addition to using FSC certified, 100% post-consumer recycled content paper, the company utilizes wind energy. All of their paper is chlorine-free and all envelopes and packaging are made from recycled paper.  The company also minimizes their office footprint by using environmentally friendly products - from the paper in their printers, to the light bulbs in their office, to the non-toxic cleaning products in their kitchen.  If you're looking for convenience, individualization, and environmentally responsible stationery, visit Paper Culture.
Metro Business Systems, a CarbonFree® Partner since 2008, has started an innovative new program to help keep old computer equipment in use and out of landfills. Primarily an IT hardware and services supplier, they are assisting some of the world’s largest financial institutions in recycling a substantial amount of their computer equipment. Instead of the used equipment ending up in a landfill, Metro Business Systems is working to “refresh” the old equipment so that it can be donated to local charities. With help from some local students and their own donated technical services, Metro Business Systems is wiping the confidential data off the hard drives, fix non-working components, and reinstall operating systems so that the computers are once again operational. Metro Business Systems is a supplier of computer electronics equipment and was created in 1986. They specialize in delivering a comprehensive suite of computer hardware, networking, integration, configuration and inventory management resources with unparalleled attention to customer satisfaction. Metro Business Systems is committed to environmental awareness and education. Through their partnership with us they are offsetting their corporate business and shipping emissions. They have partnered with organizations such as to better understand how they can be a more environmentally responsible company. For more information, please visit
craftsmanThe Craftsman Bed and Breakfast is a great model of our "Reduce What You Can, Offset What You Can" motto here at  This bed and breakfast located in Pacific City, Oregon is housed in one of the area's oldest buildings which was restored into the beautiful home you see today. They are located about an hour and a half southwest of Portland on the beautiful Oregon coast. Before offsetting their carbon footprint with, The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast reduced their climate impact as much as possible.  From using reusable canvas bags for shopping, composting organic food waste, using rain barrels for landscape watering needs, to double-paned energy efficient windows installed in the B&B. To learn more about their environmental initiatives or to book a visit, please visit The Craftsman.
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Rebounces: Bringing Back the Bounce

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tennisIn 2008, three friends partnered to form Rebounces. Using a proprietary and first-of-its kind technology, Rebounces recharges flat tennis balls – those that have lost their bounce – and provides them in bulk to teaching professionals at discount. What this means is tremendous savings for professional, avid and weekend tennis players, along with trainers and institutions. It also means that more flat tennis balls are kept out of landfills, where more than 310+ million balls (US alone) end up annually. Rebounces is revolutionizing the tennis industry by looking at how it must evolve to keep up with environmental concerns and the overall need for change. Rebounces' mission is to support the sustainable growth of the game of tennis by providing alternative ways to recycle tennis balls, and ultimately provide children with more access to the game. Rebounces doesn't stop with the tennis industry. When balls are too worn out for the court and can no longer be "Rebounced," the company makes them available for some unique non-tennis and recycling uses. Its motto, Replay, Reuse and Recycle tells a story that is in need of being heard: 1) Replay= Give tennis balls extended life —bring just-out-of-the-can bounce back; 2) Reuse = Non-traditional uses for tennis balls to extend their life and reduce landfill waste; and 3) Recycle = Establish partnerships in a variety of industries to determine smart uses for worn tennis balls. As a partner since 2008, Rebounces is a company who is truly working to reduce what they can and offset what they can’t. They have partnered with us to offset their business office emissions as well as all carbon emissions from Rebounces related shipments. To learn more please visit
Sustainability has become of growing interest in the wine industry with wineries focusing on producing lower-impact, high quality wines. Importers and distributors are starting to react by offering a larger selection of these eco-friendly wines and taking responsibility for the environmental impact of their business practices. The Artisan Collection was a bit ahead of the curve. artisan1An importer of a carefully selected portfolio of high quality wines from Spain, Portugal and Argentina, they have been a partner since 2007 and are offsetting the carbon emissions associated with their business practices by supporting's third-party verified carbon-reducing renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. The Artisan Collection makes a significant effort to reduce what they can by increasing energy efficiency, recycling and preserving natural resources. They also encourage their suppliers to operate in a more sustainable manner by using lighter wine bottles and recycled packaging. Founded in 2003, today the company sells its wines in more than 30 States. To learn more visit their site
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Carbon Offset Standard VCS Being Updated

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Is it real, and who says so? Real carbon offsets are third-party verified and meet the highest internationally recognized standards. An uncertified project provides no assurances that it is actually doing what you are paying it to do - making the investment inherently risky. One of the leading carbon offset standards is the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS). A wide variety of project types, including reforestation, are verified to this standard because it is an internationally recognized label of quality. Recently it was announced that this standard is getting updated. According to, "Under the new requirements, emission-reduction projects wishing to carry the popular Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) label will have to adhere to more detailed and stringent requirements governing how they achieve third-party verification for their projects... while all VCS-approved projects already require third-party approval from two separate verification bodies, previous guidance on how this should be achieved was open to some interpretation." supports projects that are third-party verified to the highest standards, including North America's first project to meet both the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards with Gold Distinction and the VCS.
Teas Etc recently received the Best New Product Packaging Award of the 2009 World Tea Expo for its “Get Real, Get Loose” product. The creative, eco-friendly packaging is fun, hip and colorful, giving serious quality loose leaf tea an approachable attitude. The packaging includes pre and post consumer recycled tin, all natural, non-bleached, compostable filters, post consumer paper, water based inks and environmentally friendly varnish and adhesive. Teas Etc is committed to recycling, conserving energy and offsetting their environmental impact. They support the efforts of their local recycling program, utilize recycled paper goods, biodegradable packing peanuts and chemical-free cleaning products. Teas Etc is committed to offsetting their own carbon footprint with by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. They hope to generate greater awareness by offering customers the option of offsetting the carbon emissions created by shipping their orders. As an online retailer and wholesaler of premium loose leaf teas, herbs and Rooibos, the company is USDA certified to package and distribute organic products and has a complete line of 100% organic teas. In addition to their tea line the company manufactures a complete line of tea accessories including glassware, unique tea travel mugs, the Tea Temp thermometer, premium tea samplers and flowering tea sets. To learn more please visit