It’s often said that the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.  This certainly is true when it comes to actions to preserve our environment and fight the negative impacts of climate change.  Each of us doing what we can - on our own - will make a difference, but large community actions, organized sustainability efforts, and spreading the words and deeds through social media and our collective networks will bring about the greatest degree of positive environmental change and fastest transition to a cleaner energy future.

To this end, the Foundation is proud to announce the re-launch of a new and improved, a free, Bing-powered search engine that enables anyone to help protect the environment simply through their everyday web searches. supports international conservation projects like reforestation efforts and wildlife preservation, and is currently supporting tree-planting programs in Haiti, India and the United States

Watch the video to learn more about – this is cool! proves once again that protecting our environment and doing the things we enjoy and need to do can go hand in hand,” said Eric Carlson, president of “If there is just one simple thing everyone can do today to help our environment, making the switch to is it.”

Like and We’ll Plant FIVE Trees

It’s easy to make the switch – make your new home page, or add as your preferred search engine, and Like it on Facebook and we will plant five trees, up to 500,000 trees.

Let’s go viral:  Tell your family and friends about, post it to your Facebook wall, tweet about it.  If you’re part of a larger community – at your workplace, in your town, as a member in an environmental organization, through your volunteer work or community service – spread the word there too.  Our collective actions will bring about the global environmental improvements critical to reversing the negative effects of climate change and help us move toward a ZeroCarbon™ world.        

Deforestation is a critical global issue, accounting for about twenty percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally as well as the destruction of habitats, soil erosion, loss of economic opportunities, and degradation of water quality. is one simple, free action anyone can take today to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

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