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Holiday Season Environmental No-Brainer – Plant 100 Trees for $100, Receive $500 in Dining Rewards

Written by  Jessie

66 percent of U.S. adults say they want to live environmentally responsibly, but fail to do so. Carbonfund.org Foundation aims to change that.

This holiday season, the Carbonfund.org Foundation is offering our Plant a Tree – Dine for Free campaign, a cost-effective and fun way for anyone to help the environment by planting trees­ around the world while receiving up to $500 in eGift Cards from Restaurant.com. The campaign is a great way for individuals or businesses to meet their sustainability goals and holiday gift giving in one fell swoop.

The Plant a Tree – Dine for Free campaign is simple. Just select from one of three options:

  • Plant 50 Trees for $50 – Receive a $100 Restaurant.com eGift Card
  • Plant 75 Trees for $75 – Receive a $200 Restaurant.com eGift Card
  • Plant 100 Trees for $100 – Receive a $500 Restaurant.com eGift Card

Restaurant.com offers over 50,000 dining rewards nationwide and they have no expiration.

Planting trees around the world cleans the air and water, reduces pollution, creates jobs and local economic benefits, and lowers carbon dioxide emissions, among other tree-planting benefits. Carbonfund.org will plant trees in countries including the United States, Haiti, Brazil, India and China.

“This is an absolutely stunning holiday offer that any environmentalist or foodie can get behind,” exclaimed Carbonfund.org president Eric Carlson. “Our goal has always been to make environmental protection simple and affordable to engage millions of people to do their part. The Plant a Tree-Dine for Free campaign is a winner on so many levels. And no wrapping paper or shipping!”

Begin living environmentally responsibly today by planting trees.  Together we can meet our goal of planting 50 million trees!

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