Bippy Expands Sustainability Initiatives Through Carbonfree Partnership

March 24, 2021

Bippy is a modern personal care line exclusively for the backside that’s on a mission to preserve forests from the bottom up, offering tree-free and sustainable toilet paper and wet wipes. 

Bippy is focused on sustainability, in its products and in its operations.  In order to achieve carbon neutrality for its estimated annual business operations emissions, Bippy joined the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program, neutralizing 36 metric tonnes of carbon emissions from operations and product shipments by supporting reforestation and forest conservation projects around the world. 

“Working with Carbonfund was a no-brainer for us!” exclaims Lisa Frame, Co-founder at Bippy.  “Their hell-bent commitment to the planet is aligned with ours and we couldn’t think of a better partner!”

Bippy was launched because toilet problems don’t get talked about, so they don’t get fixed. Most toilet paper is made using hardwood trees, and as a result, the industry is devastating forests and poisoning plumbing.  Big toilet paper production wipes out 27,000 trees per day in toilet paper production.  Bippy wants to bring that number to zero with its bamboo toilet paper and wet wipe foam alternative.

Bippy TP is soft, absorbent, lint-free and most importantly: sustainable. Made with bamboo fibers, it’s super soft. And, because bamboo creates more oxygen, uses more carbon dioxide, and doesn’t have to be replanted, it’s a triple benefit to environmental sustainability.

The folks at Bippy are proud of the fact that not a single tree was cut down to make Bippy.