BG2 is Your Site for Green Gift Ideas

December 15, 2011

Looking for useful, handy gift items with an environmental benefit? BG2 sells exciting, useful and fun eco-products across a broad range of product categories, from home and cleaning, beauty and bath, health and lifestyle, to handy reusable consumer products for all aspects of daily life. BG2 also believes that educated consumers are better consumers. BG2 shares as much information as possible about the products they offer, to help their customers make informed decisions. And they do this by providing product description details and easy-to-understand logos to indicate the environmental benefits of each product. BG2’s logos are meant to be fun and used as a tool of both information and of brevity. The logos are colorful and different so consumers can instantly identify what’s so great about this product and the company that makes it. BG2 raises social responsibility and awareness about our environment and the world through their social media presence and through their ‘BG2 Cares’ program, which incorporates its 1% for the Planet membership and other fundraising causes. BG2 cares very much about climate change, so they spread the word about helping the environment through their newsletters, blogs and other social media outlets. And BG2 carries their environmental commitment to their daily business operations and their personal lives as well. BG2 is powered by 100% green energy, from clean sources like solar, wind and biomass. Paper use is reduced to a minimum, no printing of invoices or packaging slips, wrapping and stuffers are always reused from other packages they receive, and they reduce or eliminate the use of plastics wherever possible, always abiding by the 3R’s – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.  And as a new CarbonFree™ partner with, BG2 has made a donation to purchase 35 metric tonnes of carbon credits, supporting’s mission and our renewable energy projects. So “be good be green” and fill your holiday shopping list with great gifts and products from BG2.