Bath ASU Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Carbonfree®

August 23, 2016

Bath ASU is a pharmaceutical specials manufacturer founded in 2000 at the University of Bath and now based in Corsham, Wiltshire, England.  Bath ASU manufactures thousands of life-changing pharmaceutical products every week, serving customers and their patients nationwide.

This year, Bath ASU celebrates its tenth year as a Carbonfree® Business Partner.

“At Bath ASU, we seek to live on as small an environmental footprint as we can whilst building a large as possible a social footprint,” explains Chris Watt, Director of Support Services.  “Offsetting our carbon emissions through forces us to think more seriously about avoiding, reusing or recycling energy intensive materials and processes.”

The company strives to maintain the highest environmental and sustainability standards. Their purpose-built manufacturing facility and offices were designed for energy-efficiency, and the annual energy that the company uses is offset through the partnership with to ensure that Bath ASU achieves a zero carbon footprint.

Over the past ten years, Bath ASU has neutralized over 4.2 million pounds of greenhouse gases by supporting’s clean air technology, carbon emissions reduction and forestry preservation projects around the world.  That’s equivalent to removing the environmental impact from burning over 2 million pounds of coal.

In addition, the company’s recycling programme, hybrid company car scheme and on-site bee hives are just a few of the ways that Bath ASU and its employees give back to their local environment.

Bath ASU provides a complete range of aseptic manufacturing services including patient specific chemotherapy, dose banded batch chemotherapy, central intravenous additive service and patient-controlled analgesia products.  The company is constantly introducing new and innovative methods to improve services, and its dedicated research and development team explores ways to make Bath ASU products and services safer, longer-lasting and more dependable.