Bambu® Becomes Carbonfree® Small Business Partner

January 19, 2021

bambu® is a certified B Corp business designing and creating zero-waste, plastic-free products of the highest quality for everyday use since 2003.  bambu has built a business over the last two decades committed to bringing renewable, organic and recycled materials to daily use products for customers around the world.

As part of its B Corp goals and 1% For the Planet commitment, bambu® has joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program.

“Any and every opportunity to help the climate crisis should be seriously considered by all of us,” states Jeffrey Delkin, CEO and President.  “As a B Corp business and member of 1% For the Planet, we strive to make a positive impact in the world. provides us the opportunity to make quantifiable change and to be part of the solution.”

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, the bambu® team has a strong connection to, and respect for, the natural environment.  Appreciation for the natural world inspired the bambu® team to leave careers, and focus on creating thoughtful products made from renewable resources. Central to the bambu® core purpose is creating product solutions that rely less on resource-intensive, petroleum-based resources, and more on plentiful plant-based materials.

The team at bambu® set out to create a business that reflected their personal values.

  • Turn people onto renewable materials and discourage the use of plastic and other harmful materials
  • Support organizations doing good work and give back to the causes that matter
  • Treat people fairly and provide opportunities to others
  • Create products that are affordable and accessible welcomes the bambu® team to our Carbonfree® Partnership Program!