Baby Beet and Co. Organics Becomes Carbonfree Small Business Partner

July 12, 2021

Baby Beet and Co. Organics is a no-compromise, family nutrition company focused on nutrient-dense, simple food introduction, and whole family/whole health nutrition with sustainability, portability, inclusivity, and commUnity at its core.  Baby Beet is a women-owned and cause-driven company, building a commUnity of loving caregivers to help share resources, experiences, and support around caring for and loving children.  

As part of this community focus, Baby Beet chose to join the Carbonfree Small Business Partnership Program in order to neutralize 36 metric tonnes (almost 80,000 pounds) of estimated annual emissions from business operations and product shipments.  

“We love raising strong children, we love protecting our planet. We can do both, together,” states Vanessa Block, Co-founder of Baby Beets.

The company has implemented various environmentally-focused practices.  It uses energy-efficient machines and production; extremely low water usage; organic produce group-shipped for transportation efficiency; and a small, energy-efficient kitchen for low energy use.  Baby Beets’ production practice removes the water from organic plant-based foods, maintaining the nutritional profile, eliminating the shipment of heavy packages, and making the products shelf-stable without preservatives or any additives of any kind.  The company uses curbside recyclable packaging with eco-rock packaging, and incurs very low transportation cost and lower shipping emissions because of lower product weight and packaging.