Avocado Green Mattress Doubles Down on Environmental and Social Responsibility

January 14, 2020

Award-winning eco-conscious mattress and bedding company, and Carbonfree® Business Partner, Avocado Green Mattress chose to double down on its already-impressive commitment to environmental and social responsibility this year.

Already giving back to the global community by funding nonprofits through its 1% for the Planet initiative and doing everything the company can do internally to mitigate climate change, the company expanded its commitment to carbon neutrality by completing a rigorous analysis of its entire products manufacturing chain.

Through this process, in July 2019, Avocado Green became Climate Neutral® certified, becoming the first non-founding partner (the program was started by the CEOs of Peak Design and BioLite) to achieve the designation. Avocado became carbon neutral by first reducing its carbon footprint however it could and offsetting everything else — as verified by third-party programs based on an annual review of actual environmental impact across all scopes of the business operations.

In total, Avocado Green Mattress offset 31,000 metric tons of total operational emissions, as calculated by Climate Neutral, by donating to three projects. Avocado reduced 13,950 metric tons of carbon by supporting tropical forest conservation in the Amazon. Trees are natural carbon reducers, and the Amazon is one of the largest carbon sinks in the world. the company sequestered another 13,950 metric tons of carbon through deforestation mitigation in Kenya. That project reduces CO2 emissions by donating clean stoves to rural residents who would otherwise be using wood for fuel. Avocado also reduced 3,100 metric tons of carbon by supporting water purification technology in Kenya that replaces wood-fueled, carbon-emitting processes.

“We don’t think about Avocado as a mattress company,” explains Jay Decker, Avocado Co-Founder, in the company’s recently-published 2019 Sustainability Report. We consider ourselves an environmental platform that just happens to make great organic mattresses and bedding products.”

As a sustainable mattress company, Avocado strives to ensure that the company consumes natural resources (materials, energy, land, water, etc.) at a sustainable rate. Eliminating pollutants, reducing chemical exposure, and voluntarily offsetting 100% of the company’s estimated annual carbon footprint via is a top priority.

Avocado Green Mattress is inviting customers to enjoy winter savings on bedding that offers you and your family a healthy sleep environment while promoting sustainability and social responsibility.