Association of Wedding Gown Specialists Celebrate Ten Years of ZeroCarbonTM Gown Preservation Programs

November 05, 2019
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Ten years ago, the folks at the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS) asked to help calculate the carbon footprint of wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation.  The process included all carbon emissions sources, including client trips to and from a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™, cleaning procedures, and the manufacture of the wedding chest. Then AWGS doubled the number just to make sure all emissions were fully covered!

“More brides than ever are concerned about their carbon footprints,” notes Kermit Engh, president of the Association, “and now brides can ensure the beauty of their wedding gowns and safeguard the planet’s future, too.”

AWGS accounts for the carbon footprint of wedding gown cleaning and preservation with donations to through its ZeroCarbonTM Program, and uses those donations to help fund reforestation and forest conservation projects worldwide. AWGS is the first in the industry to offer carbon-neutral wedding gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation and their MuseumCare™ ZeroCarbon™ preservations are unique.

AWGS members, Certified Wedding Gown SpecialistsTM who focus on caring for wedding gowns, are represented in eight countries including the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.  They offer the same specialized heirlooming and restoration care for children’s clothing, quinceañera gowns, uniforms, table linens, doll clothes, and fine fabric of all types.

Some cleaning solvents are thought to be more friendly to the environment than others. However, any cleaning process, no matter what solvent is used, generates carbon emissions. Through the carbon offsets donation program with, AWGS is able to offset all estimated carbon emissions that result from the process of cleaning and preserving each wedding gown as well as christening gowns and other heirloom clothing.