Has the Arctic Reached a Tipping Point?

July 02, 2010

Scientists and climate experts have long warned of climate change’s impacts in the Arctic regions. However, a study issued this week by the University of Colorado at Boulder reveals that the effects of climate change may have been previously underestimated. According to the study, Arctic temperatures have risen by approximately 1.8° Fahrenheit in the past twenty years alone. Rising temperatures make it “exceedingly difficult” to maintain permanent sea and glacial ice in the Arctic. As greenhouse gas emissions continue their upward trend, global temperatures will only rise and exacerbate Arctic ice melt. In fact, the study affirms that current levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may well be leading us towards a tipping point for “irreversible ice-free conditions in the Arctic.” The impact on the rest of the world would include sea-level rise and more problems in maintaining shorelines and coastal areas. We can all take steps in our own lives to fight climate change now. Reduce and offset your carbon footprint in support of innovative carbon reduction projects. You can read more about the University of Colorado study here.