Andaman SEO Renews Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program

December 27, 2017

Andaman SEO is a marketing company which helps tourism-related business to get customers, with a mission to achieve more bookings and better occupancy rates.

Andaman SEO strives to be a paperless organization and keeps office air conditioning is set to 24 degrees celsius (about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) all of the time, even when it’s really hot (which is most of the time in Thailand). It’s also an energy efficient A/C system set to eco mode.

Last December, Andaman SEO wanted to end the year not just with good business results, but also by balancing out the release of greenhouse gases which are related to their business activities. offered an easy off-the shelf way to do this through the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program, which enables the company to neutralize operational emissions by joining other like-minded companies in supporting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forest conservation projects around the world.

This December, Andaman SEO has decided to renew the program for 2018 and continue this operational sustainability commitment.

“This program is important to me, because we want to know that while we do make a profit, that we can continue to make a profit in a world where it’s worth being able to say such a thing,” explains Anthony “Archie” Ward of Andaman.

In 2018, Andaman SEO hopes to start offsetting business plane travel on a kilometre-by-kilometre basis, in order to expand on the company’s environmental commitment.