American Carbon Registry and TZ1 Registry Become Partners

April 07, 2009

The longest serving U.S. carbon registry- American Carbon Registry- and TZ1 Environmental Registry (TZ1), a financial market-based platform for carbon and other environmental assets, announced a strategic partnership today to stimulate the market for U.S. pre-compliance and global voluntary market carbon offsets. The alliance is based on bringing together the organizations’ core strengths and the common goal of growing the U.S. market for transparent transactions. TZ1 will provide its sophisticated online registry infrastructure to the American Carbon Registry, including real-time, Web-based secure accounts to transact carbon offsets. American Carbon Registry will continue to contribute its expert in-house capabilities in high quality offset standards development and offset issuance. is a Founding Member of the American Carbon Registry. The partnership of the registries “demonstrates that collaboration between market leaders can be achieved for the right reason — to ensure the development of a transparent domestic offset market with high environmental credibility,” said American Carbon Registry Director John Kadyszewski.