AIR. Productions Joins Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership

September 10, 2019

The team at AIR. Productions believes in creating a clean, gracious and eco-conscious production experience.  Combining knowledge of high-end photography and creative production with a passion for the environment and the west coast aesthetic is bringing a breath of fresh air to the professional production atmosphere.

This year, AIR. Productions took the proactive step to join the Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership and neutralize 36 metric tonnes of carbon emissions from its operations by supporting new energy efficiency projects around the world.

With a background in prominent fashion and advertising photography in both NY and LA, the AIR. Productions team manages each stage of production from concept to completion, partnering with clients and agencies to customize the approach and support to achieve the goals for each individual project.  AIR. Production’s mission is to execute each client’s creative visions while generating less waste and being environmentally conscious.  The team looks at each shoot from every angle to minimize the environmental impact and calculate eco-savings based on crew size, travel, transportation, meals and power usage.

All productions, regardless of budget, are handled with the same eco-friendly approach.  From the curated local and sustainable on-set products, to the absence of single-use plastic water bottles, the AIR. Productions team has committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of each project to create a minimal impact on the Earth.

“We’re not reinventing production. We’re just doing it cleaner,” explains Arielle Viny, Owner & Executive Producer at AIR. Productions.