New Carbonfree® Partner A1 Load Testing by LoadView Further Reduces Carbon Footprint

March 30, 2019

A1 Load Testing by LoadView is a full suite of web performance tools that help businesses ensure their websites and web applications are operating at a full, optimized capacity. LoadView can identify hardware bottlenecks, find database slowdowns, and much more

LoadView’s parent company, Dotcom-Monitor, has been committed to environmental sustainability for many years. From working with green data centers to reduce the carbon footprint to encouraging employees to drive electric vehicles by providing charging stations, Dotcom-Monitor actively works to be a leader in the environmentally-friendly tech space.

By joining the Carbonfree® Business Partnership Program this year, Dotcom-Monitor has reduced its annual operating emissions by another 36 metric tonnes – or almost 80,000 pounds – through support of’s renewable energy projects.

“Dotcom-Monitor is dedicated to making a positive impact in the cyber world, business world, and the environment,” explains Jen Oksnevad, Marketing Coordinator.  “That’s why we help preserve wildlife in California and are partnering with, and take initiative and make a difference that matters. I’m proud to be an employee at a company that cares about our carbon footprint and is actively reducing it.” also is proud to assist Dotcom-Monitor in its continuing efforts to lead its industry in environmental responsibility.