A Little Game Company with a Big Commitment to the Environment

January 18, 2012
A close up of a windmill

Giant Plankton is an independent game company based in Seattle whose mission is to create fun and innovative multi-player games that bring people together. Their first product is a two-player iPad game called Skwintthat recently launched on the App Store.

Skwint is a clever update to the traditional matching game that rewards a good strategy as much as a good memory. It’s simple enough to play with your five year old daughter yet challenging enough to play with your neighbor who reads statistics magazines for fun. It all depends on the Settings you choose and the skills you bring to the game.


Besides having great game-play, Skwint was also conceived as a vehicle for a variety of beautifully designed audio-visual experiences or “themes”. The first version of Skwint comes with a theme called Pulse which has a clean, minimal feel. More great themes are coming soon.

While the primary mission of Giant Plankton is to create great social games, they are doing it in an environmentally responsible way. Giant Plankton is happy to be a CarbonFree® Partner and purchase carbon credits to offset all of the emissions from their business activities. It is a sincere goal at Giant Plankton to always be a carbon-neutral company.

But being carbon neutral doesn’t reverse the damage that has already been done to the planet, so a percentage of Giant Plankton’s profits will be donated to organizations that work to improve the health of the oceans. After all, healthy seas are critical to plankton survival.

The team at Giant Plankton has temporarily priced Skwint at $.99 in support of Occupy Wall Street!  So check it out and spread the word to your friends. The world will be a more entertaining… and sustainable place.