7group is Reframing Sustainability for Clients and Its Own Operations

July 12, 2016

7group brings together the expertise of five different firms to advocate the design, construction and operation of buildings and communities in a way that contributes to the “health of place.”

Founded in 1999, 7group leverages the sum of integrative expertise in several areas – energy & daylighting, materials & LCA, commissioning, LEED®, integrative design, regenerative design, education and collaborative communications – to drive ways to advance whole systems thinking across the building industry and practical implementation of that thinking into every client’s project.

For the past five years, 7group has advanced its own operational sustainability by reducing carbon emissions wherever possible, then neutralizing its remaining annual operating emissions in partnership with  Over those five years, 7group has mitigated the impact of over 1.3 million pounds of greenhouse gases, equivalent to removing the emissions from burning over 66,500 gallons of gasoline.

“We strive to develop buildings that inspire, nurture, restore and revitalize the places they populate and the people they serve as part of our commitment to advocating health of place,” says Marcus Sheffer, Partner at 7group.  “Reducing the environmental impacts from our daily operations is a natural step in our advocacy efforts, and by partnering with, we are able to neutralize the carbon emissions resulting from our work and further contribute to our whole Earth’s health of place.”

Central to 7group’s success is the core areas of expertise that, taken together, help the firm deliver buildings that inspire, nurture, restore and revitalize the places they populate and the people they serve.  The firm recently published The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building, which describes a truly integrative design process that optimizes the interrelationships between all the elements and entities associated with building projects in the service of efficient and effective use of resources.  7group has shown that buildings that significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts do not need to cost more. congratulates 7group on achieving these innovations in building design and efficiency, and in reaching its fifth anniversary as a Carbonfree® Business Partner.