7 Ways to Conserve &

April 22, 2009

ABC News has done a nice piece on ways we all can save energy (and money while we’re at it) this Earth Day and beyond. The piece, done by Ki Mae Heussner and Lauren Gilger, include tips on saving gas, energy efficiency and cutting down on standby or “phantom” power usage by unplugging electronics.

Phantom power in the United States is responsible for 5 percent of the total energy used and $3 billion in actual dollars wasted, according to the Department of Energy. Unplugging even the appliances you rarely use, like refrigerators in the basement, could save you about $10 every month on your utility bill.

The piece also mentions’s offsetting. We appreciate that because the only way to be carbon neutral is to offset what one can’t reduce, supporting third-party verified emissions reduction projects. Learn more about the energy saving tips and others in the piece here. And to calculate your carbon footprint and offset, visit our carbon calculators.