4ourclimate Joins Carbonfree® Small Business Partnership Program

October 29, 2019

4ourclimate is a lifestyle brand offering eco-friendly, sustainable products that help fund the clean-up of our climate 100 pounds at a time — 100 pounds of CO₂ is removed from the atmosphere for every item purchased. 4ourclimate’s first product is a pure soy candle that burns clean, contains no harmful ingredients, and lasts up to 2 times longer than paraffin.

“4ourclimate was founded because of the climate emergency and the dire need to tackle climate change which is the greatest threat facing humanity in the 21st century,” explains co-founder Kharam S. Khalsa.  “4ourclimate is a lifestyle brand that offers eco-friendly, sustainable products that help fund the clean up our climate 100 pounds at a time. We’re thrilled to partner with a renowned organization like that offers verified carbon offset projects worldwide and look forward to building on our partnership for a long time to come! Together, we can help clean up our climate 100 pounds at a time.”

Graduating from the University of Waterloo with Honours in Environmental Studies, Kharam is super passionate about fighting climate change; the greatest threat facing humanity right now. At the same time, while pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, Kharam feels guilty for every flight’s carbon footprint.

One day, Kharam purchased a traditional candle for his mom which after lighting a couple of times, caused her to experience nausea and light headaches due to the burning of paraffin and other toxic chemicals. There must be a safer, healthier alternative to paraffin candles Kharam thought that are also eco-friendly.

Researching on this opportunity, Kharam met Anjali – an environmentalist, candle lover, and passionate about making real change, and Rachel – an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and a marketing expert. The three took together a mission to clean our climate with….soy candles! Thus, 4ourclimate was founded and launched in September 2019 at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival.

And for every item that 4ourclimate sells, the company makes a donation to to neutralize 100 pounds of CO2 by supporting third-party validated and verified voluntary carbon offset projects.