4ocean Partners with on 4ocean Limited Edition Polar Bear Bracelet

October 02, 2018 celebrates our carbon neutral partnership with 4ocean.

Through this partnership, 4ocean is offering the 4ocean Limited Edition Polar Bear Bracelet as a helping to preserve nearly 500,000 acres of Brazilian Rainforest. Often called the Lungs of the Planet, the project is preserving land that is host to rare and highly endangered ecosystems, which support over 30,000 types of plants, and wildlife, including howler monkeys, fresh water dolphins and scarlet macaws. The projects help local communities too, making forest preservation economically viable.

“We commend 4ocean for their innovative efforts in both carbon neutrality and conservation,” states Eric Carlson, President at Foundation, “The 4ocean Limited Edition Polar Bear Bracelet is raising awareness on the plight of polar bears while helping to protect a 480,000 acre rainforest that is mitigating the release of more than 12.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.”

4ocean is creating the first economy for ocean plastic by hiring full-time captains and crews to clean the oceans and coastlines from Florida to Bali 7 days a week. They also utilize the latest tech and host cleanups around the world to raise awareness.

By purchasing a 4ocean product, you remove one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. You also help raise awareness of the 4ccean movement and support our effort to become the largest cleanup company in history.

Through worldwide support and the purchase of 4ocean Bracelets, they’ve pulled an impressive 1,133,886 pounds of trash out from oceans and coastlines to date.

“The 4ocean Limited Edition Polar Bear Bracelet was released in February 2018 in an effort to support scientific research and help raise awareness about the plight of polar bears around the world. Carbon emissions are one of the key drivers of climate change and therefore one of the biggest threats to their survival as a species. Partnering with allowed us to tie directly into the issue and we have offset over 1.1MM pounds of atmospheric CO2 so far this year,” explains Marketing Manager Ryan Dick at 4ocean.

We wish 4ocean continued success in their instrumental work and look forward to working with them and their supporters on their sustainability and carbon neutral programs.

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