Carbonfree® Partner Sparkfactor.org Spurs STEM Education and Funding

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New Carbonfree® Business Partner, Sparkfactor.org, wants to make it simpler for companies to support programs that provide better access to educational opportunities for all.

Sparkfactor.org is the nonprofit division of Sparkfactor Design, with programs centered on technological and philanthropic innovation, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education for underprivileged communities. They also focus on corporate giving, and on making it as simple as possible for other companies to donate.

Sparkfactor.org found the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program to be an equally simple and affordable way to neutralize a portion of their operational emissions, by supporting Carbonfund.org’s carbon emissions reduction, mitigation and sequestration projects.

In order to spur further innovation, Sparkfactor.org has also begun a program called Makers 4 Good. Its goal is to create strategic partnerships between “maker” companies and other nonprofits for the mutual benefit of both. The flagship product will be a battery-powered USB charger developed by Sparkfactor Design.

The team at Sparkfactor.org believes that everyone should have access to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, and that their partners and supporters can bring both expertise and financial support to bear in the effort to democratize technical learning. In the 21st Century, STEM topics will continue to weave their way into nearly all human endeavors, and Sparkfactor.org wants to make sure there are as many seats at the table as possible.

Sparkfactor.org recently announced their latest STEM program awardees, seven organizations receiving funding to advance innovative ways to bring technological education to students in underserved communities.  Carbonfund.org commends Sparkfactor.org’s work and their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their own operations, while supporting the educational advancements of the organizations they support.

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