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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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Florida Crystals Corporation



Florida Crystals is a leading domestic sugar producer and North America’s first fully integrated cane sugar company guiding our sugar from the field to the table with Florida Crystals® natural and organic brands. It is the first American sugar CarbonFree® Certified by Carbonfund.org. Florida Crystal’s renewable energy facility is the largest of its kind in North America and provides clean energy for its sugar operations, as well as tens of thousands of homes, which also helps reduce the use of fossil fuels.  Florida Crystals® is made from pure sun-sweetened sugar cane but is “less refined” than traditional sugar, so it delivers a flavor that’s unique and absolutely delicious.  To learn more about the CarbonFree® certification and Florida Crystals’ Earth-friendly practices, visit www.floridacrystals.com.


Florida Crystals® CarbonFree Certified Organic and Natural sugar products are the first American sugar products CarbonFree® Certified by Carbonfund.org.

The certification was earned after a rigorous life-cycle assessment was performed.  The product’s complete carbon footprint was determined by assessing the primary inputs of planting and growing the sugar cane, through the harvesting, milling and packaging processes, to the product’s final delivery to store shelves.  The CarbonFree® Certified Label indicates the product’s carbon footprint was rendered neutral through greenhouse gas cutting measures, specifically, through Florida Crystals’ production of renewable energy.

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“Florida Crystals’® certification is unique,” said Luis Fernandez, Florida Crystals’ Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  “Unlike other manufacturers who rely on the purchase of carbon credits from third parties, we are able to provide our products’ carbon neutrality through our own production of renewable electricity.  We have a strong commitment to the environment and continue to invest in the expansion of our renewable energy program.  We are proud to receive Carbonfund.org’s CarbonFree® certification.”

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