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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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Anvil Knitwear, Inc., a socially and environmentally responsible manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, is a leader in the sustainable apparel industry with its AnvilOrganic®, AnvilRecycled™ and AnvilSustainable™ brands.  Anvil was recently ranked the world’s sixth-largest organic program and the largest domestic purchaser of U.S.-grown certified organic cotton. Anvil offers 15 affordable eco styles made from a variety of fibers such as certified organic cotton, transitional cotton, recycled cotton, and recycled PET bottles and blends in addition to its over 100 traditional styles.  For more information, please visit and .


The AnvilRecycled™ T-shirt is CarbonFree® Certified.  To meet rigorous standards of the CarbonFree® Product Certification Program, Anvil assessed the carbon footprint of the recycled tee throughout its lifecycle, from raw materials sourcing, manufacturing and transportation to screen printing, consumer use and disposal. Anvil made the tee carbon-neutral by reducing emissions during the production process and by offsetting emissions.

All of Anvil’s eco-friendly product introductions complement Anvil’s ongoing commitment to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing.  As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Anvil understands the importance of operating our business in a responsible way. Anvil’s commitment to the environment involves production of affordable quality apparel while taking measures to conserve natural resources and minimize the impact associated with manufacturing.

Partner Quote

“Even in these challenging economic times, the demand for environmentally-friendly products has never been stronger,” said Anthony Corsano, CEO, Anvil Knitwear. “Certainly the CarbonFree® Certified AnvilRecycled™ tee is a reflection of who we are as a company, but there is an equally strong business reason for developing this T-shirt – our customers are asking for it and products like it.  Anvil chose to partner with to certify the tee because we felt that they are the most credible partner to validate our carbon offsetting initiatives.”

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