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FactorLoads and Carbonfund.org Partner to ‘Move Freight CarbonFree’

Tuesday, 20 September 2011



Unique Partnership Allows Trucking Companies to Offset the CO2 Emissions from their Vehicles

Silver Spring, MD – August 8, 2006 – Carbonfund.org, a leading non-profit carbon offset organization, and FactorLoads, the premier freight bill factoring service for owner operators and small trucking companies, today announced a new partnership that revolutionizes the trucking industry’s approach to carbon emissions.


The Move Freight CarbonFreeTM program designed by FactorLoads provides the company’s clients an easy way to make their freight hauls CarbonFreeTM by offsetting the carbon emissions that result from hauling the freight. Already more than 20 drivers have been signed up for the program, which demonstrates an unprecedented commitment to climate change from companies in an industry that operates on commodity margins.

The initiative is a part of Carbonfund.org’s CarbonFreeTM program. CarbonFreeTM, a voluntary effort that gives companies and organizations access to the brand and program support, is designed to build awareness and recognition about climate change and the solutions to stop it.

“Over the past year there has been a tremendous gain in recognition and understanding of the severe consequences of climate change,” said Craig Coulter, Director of Partnerships at Carbonfund.org. “The CarbonFreeTM program is designed so that consumers can ask ‘Is this company accounting for its carbon emissions?’ and recognize quickly that the answer is yes.”

This unique and pioneering partnership is designed so that FactorLoads will administer the program on behalf of its customers and work with Carbonfund.org to offset and retire the carbon. Participating companies will have the costs associated with the offsets included as part of their overall relationship with FactorLoads, making it easy to manage the program and gauge results. Carbonfund.org won the right to develop this program after FactorLoads conducted a competitive request for proposals from offset providers nationally.

“More than 30% of CO2 emissions in the United States comes from transportation, with a significant portion coming from the shipment of goods and products,” says Eric Carlson, Executive Director of Carbonfund.org. “With the typical tractor trailer averaging less than 7 miles per gallon, starting a trend in the industry to account for and offset those emissions is a great step forward in our ability to stop global warming. As the first trucking industry company stepping up to offset carbon emissions, FactorLoads is demonstrating the type of leadership needed across corporate America.”

“America relies heavily on trucks and truckers to move goods. By partnering with CarbonFund, our company can play an important role in keeping products moving in a way that companies and consumers can feel good about,” says Anthony Aliengena, president of FactorLoads.

“Our factoring clients who participate in the Move Freight Carbon Free program are differentiating themselves from their competitors in an industry where differentiation is often very difficult,” Aliengena added. “We expect our clients to see an upswing in requests for their services as conscientious manufacturers, retailers and others who rely heavily on independent truckers learn there is a way they can move their companies’ goods on trucks that are offsetting their carbon emissions.

Drivers who sign up for carbon offset program through FactorLoads receive decals for their trucks and marketing materials for their customers explaining the program and the benefits of working with a company that is offsetting carbon emissions. For less than a penny per mile, drivers can fully offset their emissions. And while the cost is small, many customers will be willing to pay a premium for drivers who are offsetting their emissions as they can then market this fact to their own customers and the public.

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