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Futurist Planning with Environmental Focus

Thursday, 23 December 2010

As the New Year approaches, we all begin to look ahead. Many of us wish we could plan and control our own futures…  That’s exactly what Glen Hiemstra, founder of Futurist.com, is helping organizations and individuals do – embrace and create their own preferred futures! Glen delivers keynote addresses and conducts strategic planning sessions that are based on three fundamental futurist questions:  What is probable? What is possible? What is preferred? Part of Glen’s preferred future is a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development. As part of this vision, Futurist.com has partnered with Carbonfund.org to offset the emissions attributable to Glen’s travel itineraries and their office operations, in support of Carbonfund.org’s carbon reduction projects. Glen’s trainings help clients to make better decisions today by better understanding their future goals and objectives.  Recognizing how today’s actions will impact tomorrow’s world is a fundamental part of environmental stewardship. Glen Hiemstra and Futurist.com provide tools for effective strategic planning, inspiration for developing vision and practical steps to put the preferred future within the reach of his clients. To learn more about Futurist.com, check Glen’s speaking schedule or book an engagement, visit www.futurist.com.

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