Virgin America Recognized for Sustainability Achievements -

Virgin America Recognized for Sustainability Achievements

Thursday, 27 May 2010 partner Virgin America was recognized as the Most Eco-Friendly Airline in the SmarterTravel Editors’ Choice Awards. The green achievements are a major reason why was so thrilled to partner with Virgin America to help them further reduce their carbon footprint. Some of the green initiatives that Virgin America has undertaken:

  • Supporting LEED Certified building standards for select facilities/terminals;
  • Offering preferential parking for hybrid cars;
  • Operating a fuel-efficient fleet of airplanes that save money and carbon emissions;
  • Publicly listing the airline’s carbon footprint;
  • Offsetting the emissions of their corporate headquarters with;
  • Enabling passengers to offset when purchasing their travel or in-flight through their touch-screen RED system.

We would like to congratulate Virgin America for their continued commitment to sustainability and for this recognition.

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