August 08, 2017
(press release reposted with permission)

Eugene, Oregon, Aug. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mountain Rose Herbs (MRH), an e-commerce company that has offered organic, fair trade and sustainably sourced botanical products nationwide since 1987, has released its 2016 Sustainability Report highlighting the company’s environmentally and socially conscious achievements for the year. By showcasing data from various audits and providing transparency for the public, the report hopes to support MRH’s motto “people, plants, and planet before profit.”

2016 Highlights include:

  • Diverted 94% of company waste
  • Achieved Platinum Zero Waste Facility Certification by GBCI, the premier organization independently recognizing excellence in green business.
  • Converted to 100% renewable energy.
  • Offset 306.2 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions through
  • Adopted three native seed plots in a local native plant nursery including plots of yarrow, nettle and trillium.
  • Continued groundbreaking Fair for Life Project work in India and renewed focus on responsible sourcing.

In addition, MRH provided multiple opportunities for employees to contribute including:

  • An alternative commute program offering cash incentives to employees who walk, carpool and ride the bus to work including an annual cash award for the employee who logs the most miles.
  • 24 hours per year of paid volunteer time at the nonprofit or local organization of their choice.
  • Eight Mountain Rose River Projects, employee-led restoration projects—where over 813 gallons of trash and 67 cubic yards of invasive species were removed and 35 pounds of native seeds were hand harvested.
  • An employee-led committee that promotes environmentally sound and socially conscious operating practices.

“As a mission-based company, we have a resolute commitment to ethical business practices and environmental integrity,” said vice president and co-owner Shawn Donnille. “These values are the core of every business decision we make.”

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