Linda Kelly

Linda Kelly

Looking for a natural way to support your health, strength, stamina and brain power? Purity Products is a leading supplier of “Evidence Based Nutraceuticals” sold directly to the consumer at an excellent value. Purity incorporates the latest scientific research into their elite product formulas and provides world-class customer care through its Cycle of Excellence. What started as a three person operation providing water filters has blossomed into a thriving nutritional and health products company, developing science-based nutritional supplements and delivering products directly to their over two million customers.  Purity also strives to make the world a healthier and better place to live through dedication to quality, honesty, and civic and corporate responsibility through its Green initiative. Purity uses the latest scientific research to bring premium quality products to the marketplace. Utilizing the same stringent standards it applies to products and customer service, Purity Products has made a standing commitment to environmental preservation and conservation. Purity Products is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, continually looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of its operations and reducing the company's green house gas emissions, as well as working to partner with companies that adhere to the same values. Each year, Purity Products completes an analysis of its operational emissions, then purchases Renewable Energy Credits and carbon offsets to compensate for those emissions they cannot eliminate, thus supporting’s mission and projects. The Purity Products website provides its customers with nutritional news and information, and check out the money-saving monthly specials for products at truly exceptional values.

Not just smart, but environmentally conscious as well. The Rich Family has provided turn-key construction management, mechanical construction and energy savings solutions to small and large businesses in the greater northeast for almost 100 years. The original business was founded in 1918 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where it was involved in the development of the city's thriving boardwalk scene.

Today RICH Energy Solutions (RES) focuses on energy consumption and renewable energy sources to address the sharp reality that the cost of fuel is a serious financial consideration to most businesses and facilities. In 1995 RES performed its first energy solutions retrofit for a large warehouse and furniture complex. RES secured financing for the project and used the energy savings to cover the interest and principle of the loan and provide a positive monthly cash flow for the customer. After hundreds of these projects, RES now has the ability to quickly analyze any facility and immediately determine the suitability and savings of their programs for the customer.  And the experienced staff at RES can help you navigate the various incentives and rebates available through state and federal programs to help realize additional savings. Rich Energy Systems has expanded its support of energy efficiency projects by committing to making donations to based on the volume of emission reductions they achieve on each customer's project. Now more than ever, it makes good business sense to adopt energy-efficient practices, install energy-efficient equipment, and support and install renewable energy systems. Not only will the energy improvements contribute to the economy and environment, but customers also realize bottom-line savings for their business. If you recognize the potential for huge energy savings in your building and you’re ready for bold steps to reduce your energy costs as soon as possible, talk to the Rich family today about their innovative solutions at (609) 407-2800.
Behind every good doctor, research scientist and medical innovation, there is a company providing an array of products and services that aid in the research and development of new medical procedures, treatments and cures. Add a social conscious and an environmental commitment, and you’ve got a very special company. Promega is a leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to the life sciences industry. What started as the production of enzymes for researchers has evolved to offering over 2,000 products for a broad array of scientific research applications. Promega products continue to be key in advancing life science research and industries. Through extensive investments in research and development and commitment to quality, Promega provides valuable tools to its customers and aid progress toward a better future. Founded in 1978, Promega Corporation is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, USA, with branches in 14 countries and over 50 global distributors. Promega products are used primarily by customers to understand the molecular basis of life and potential mechanisms of disease, as well as to identify attractive targets for drug development. The principal customers in the life sciences research and drug discovery markets are laboratories generally associated with universities, medical research centers, government institutions, and other research institutions as well as biotechnology, pharmaceutical, energy, agricultural, and chemical companies. Promega’s core culture embraces the concepts of sustainability as they strive to create long-term success by embracing opportunities and managing risks derived from economic, environmental, and social progress. In 2009, Promega launched a formal Corporate Responsibility Program by publishing their first annual sustainability report and developing a baseline of key performance indicators. The team at Promega feels that sustainability is not something that can be added on the side. A successful sustainability program requires a new approach to the way we all do business on a daily basis.  Promega recently launched its third annual report, with strong results in their environmental sustainability goals.  As a company steeped in the life sciences, Promega realizes the importance of preserving the earth’s ecosystems. Promega has a long history of community involvement and environmental responsibility. Promega is committed to addressing a wide range of environmental impacts, from reducing business emissions to using fewer natural resources. Additionally, the Promega community seeks to better understand and reduce its impact on the global environment, through careful control and management of its carbon footprint, and by offsetting its emissions through donations to support’s renewable energy projects. We believe that Promega Chairman and CEO, William A. Linton, said it best: “Sustainability is not simply a way to conduct business; it is the only long-term way to conduct business within a finite and interconnected biosphere.”
Wendy Jessup and Associates, Inc. (WJ&A) is a woman-owned small business that provides preventive conservation, collections management consulting and planning services to museums and other stewards of cultural and historic property. WJ&A projects include developing preventive conservation policies, collections management and environmental improvement programs. As many WJ&A clients are housed in historic structures and have mixed collections, WJ&A works in collaboration with the architectural community to facilitate the preservation of collections in their design of new or renovated museum facilities. Wendy established WJ&A in 1987, following her career at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Smithsonian Institution. Wendy has over thirty years of experience in the museum field. She understands the value of conservation, both of cultural and historic properties and of our global environment. In order to counter-balance the necessary travel and operations emissions from her conservation business, Wendy has chosen to partner with by contributing to our carbon reduction projects. “As a conservator of the world's cultural heritage, I am committed to incorporating sustainability into all aspects of my practice to help preserve our natural world. Since we must travel for our work, offsetting our carbon footprint is an essential component to our sustainability program.” We’re proud to have Wendy Jessup and Associates as a partner, and we applaud her for including environmental stewardship in her efforts to preserve the past for the benefit of the future. For more information about Wendy Jessup and Associates, Inc., please visit their website:
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Point-of-Sale Perfected with POS-X

Ever wonder how all the stores and shops you visit each week get themselves set up to manage their inventory, provide efficient check-out processes, and keep track of their sales? They turn to experts like POS-X, a hardware manufacturing company that has Point-of-Sale Perfected. POS-X was created with one goal in mind: to Perfect the Point-of-Sale experience -- for resellers, software developers, end-users, and everyone in between. POS-X offers a complete line of POS products and peripherals, including barcode scanners, touch screen monitors, credit card magstripe readers, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. Based in Bellingham, Washington, POS-X products are manufactured in 4 separate specialized facilities, all of which are ISO9001 compliant, maintaining a strict set of internal quality assurance standards to assure you always receive a quality product. In addition to unbeatable value, the folks at POS-X pride themselves on providing rock-solid technical support and industry-leading warranties. And POS-X pursues green initiatives through its sustainable business plan. POS-X is committed to environmental and social justice initiatives, such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants; the use of renewable energy sources and energy-efficiency measures; the conservation of natural resources and energy; and the minimization of waste. POS-X ensures that 100% of its electricity comes from green sources and provides its employees with a stipend to improve their home energy efficiency. POS-X also maintains a tree-planting campaign through donation of a portion of their profits, and POS-X partners with to offset the business emissions from its US operations  by supporting's renewable energy, reforestation and energy efficiency projects. If your business needs to upscale its point-of-sale technology, why not perfect it with POS-X.
It's 2:00 a.m. in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, north of Manaus, Brazil. Biologist Claude Gascon is looking for tree-frogs, which come out to sing and mate at night. The Rainforest is full of wonders and creatures to study. Claude loves his work and is one of thousands of scientists, from the tropics to the poles, for whom cutting-edge science is a great adventure and for whom a life of research is a "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE." Now the "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" Project, a set of integrated scientific teaching modules, invites teachers and students to: EXPLORE Antarctica, a whole continent dedicated to cutting-edge research. • EXPERIENCE the Amazon Rainforest, home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on Earth. • EXCITE minds and imaginations by flying to the planets with NASA Missions. • ENLIST leading scientists and engineers as mentors for your students, and partners in your teaching. "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" uses an integrated suite of videos, hands-on activities, online resources and proven results. P2K'S MultiMedia materials provide everything you need to allow your students to do real science alongside real scientists while experiencing some of the most exciting and challenging places on Earth. Participants in "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" don't just watch science being done - they DO IT for themselves! Each PASSPORT Module provides a Teacher's Guide full of hands-on activities embodying key curriculum content and the National Science Standards, including student worksheets, sample hands-on supplies, resource videos, CD-ROMS and more. Supported by the National Science Foundation, a three-year evaluation produced solid evidence of positive student learning outcomes. P2K'S use of integrated video, online and hands-on materials had powerful effects. Student interest in science and technology was up 20% when all three media were used together.  And teachers with decades in the profession report that P2K has re-energized their careers and attitudes and provided them with the best and most practical example of how to use new tools, new educational technologies and new teaching practices successfully. So if your science curriculum needs a boost, check out the amazing teaching modules at PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE and help create the next generation of scientific adventurers.

Planning that memorable must-go-perfectly event in the Bay Area?  Park Avenue Catering is the leading full-service event specialist and caterer in the North Bay area of California and your liaison to wine country living and cuisine.  Their business is built on a solid foundation of superb food, exceptional service, and flawless execution. Park Avenue Catering has been creating memorable experiences in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area since 1986. Bruce Riezenman is the Executive Chef and owner of Park Avenue Catering, the first Green Certified caterer in Napa and Sonoma counties. He is the author of Pair It!, a food and wine pairing application for the iPhone and Droid. Bruce has cooked and taught food and wine pairing throughout the world and has been a Guest Chef at the James Beard House in New York City three times. Chef Riezenman was one of the early leaders in local and wine country cuisine, going back over 25 years. He continues to grow, learn, and lead, offering his personal passion for food and wine to you. Park Avenue Catering strives to bring joy and prosperity to their community through wholesome food, gracious hospitality, and philanthropic giving. By employing sustainable practices and creating opportunities for growth, they support quality of life for the Park Avenue Catering family, their community, and the world at large.  Park Avenue Catering offers only sustainable seafood choices; serves shade-grown, fair trade coffee; is trans-fat-free; and uses rBST-free dairy products.  In addition, Park Avenue Catering pursues a variety of initiatives to lower business emissions, then purchases carbon credits to support's renewable energy and reforestation projects to offset the business emissions they can't eliminate. Park Avenue Catering are specialists in event planning and venue selection, for weddings, social, corporate or non-profit event catering. Be it a corporate soiree or a winery wedding, Park Avenue Catering will help to create a memorable experience for you and your guests. And with, Bruce has created an ever-evolving guide to bringing joy into your own home. In Perfect Match, you will learn an easy method for pairing wine and food perfectly, using simple ingredients from your pantry and your personal sense of taste. Likewise, Great Pairings focuses on wine in a way that is approachable for everyone. Fresh is a celebration of the fresh lifestyle at home, from shopping to cooking to entertaining. In Wine & Dine, we take the show on the road, highlighting how people are savoring food, wine, and life. Throughout the site you'll find ideas on wine country living, recipes and tips, as well stories about the people and places that make life feel extraordinary. "I see food and wine as opportunities to enjoy the things in life that truly matter: health, happiness, family and friends. Here's to creating a life you can savor, every day. Enjoy!" Bruce

Spring is in full swing, and the weekly buzzing of lawn mowers fills the air – with noise and carbon emissions that remind us that our lifestyles produce regular harmful emissions. But if you live in the Springfield, MO area, you have a clean alternative. Go Green Lawn Care offers the Ozarks’ first zero carbon footprint lawn care service. And they don’t just offer the best quality in lawn care; they do it with up to 75% less noise and far less of the pollution that typically goes along with lawn care. Go Green Lawn Care accomplishes this by using solar power to charge all of their electric lawn care equipment during the day and using Envirogard propane powered commercial zero turn mowers which burn 8000% cleaner than the typical zero turns. On top of that, any emissions from their trucks or cleaner burning propane zero turn mowers are offset by purchasing verified emissions offsets from Lawn maintenance services include: • Mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing • Fall Clean Up • Soil Testing • Organic Fertilization • Mulch Installation So, to move to cleaner and quieter lawn care services, contact Go Green Lawn Care today.
Looking for that perfect crunchy topping for hot dogs, hamburgers, soup, salad, pizza, potatoes, casseroles and more? Try Loeb’s Onion Crunch, a crispy fried onion topping made from sweet onions that are naturally low in carbohydrates and cholesterol. Made from 100% real onions, they are a great addition to your favorite foods and recipes. Onion Crunch contains 0 grams of trans fat, has low sodium and no cholesterol, so sprinkle on as much as you want. Yes, these crispy, crunchy onions are that good! It’s the “Crunch you will Crave”. Check out the Onion Crunch recipes and the video introducing Onion Crunch to rave reviews. Specially selected sweet onions are lightly fried in high-quality vegetable oil and then seasoned to give them an absolutely delicious taste.  Use Onion Crunch to bring crispiness and a roasted onion flavor to poultry, fish, salads, sandwiches, dips, soups, spreads, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, pizza, burgers and hot dogs. These crispy fried onions are sustainable with a shelf life of over one year. And Onion Crunch is certified Carbon Neutral by CSA (Carbon Solutions America), purchasing carbon offsets that are created through the capture and destruction of methane gas from the New York State Landfill Methane Project, one of the projects supported by the Foundation. Onion Crunch is available in a variety of grocery and convenience stores – use the handy store locator to find Onion Crunch near you, or order online by the bottle or the case. You can also order t-shirts and caps promoting your new favorite snack. Enjoy the taste of crispy, crunchy roasted onions in a convenient, ready-to-sprinkle topping. Crispy, crunchy, yum yum yum!
The National Airline of the Sultanate of Oman has taken a significant step by becoming the first company in the Gulf to produce an annual report through a carbon-neutral production process. The annual report was produced by globally renowned Smart Media - The Annual Report Company who is a partner of The Foundation. Smart Media prints and delivers to their clients annual reports that are produced in a carbon-neutral process. All emissions related to writing, design, photography, project consultancy, project management and printing of the annual reports has been calculated, and corresponding carbon credits have been purchased through, in support of our energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects. Oman Air is on a major investment phase. Previously a regional airline, Oman Air is now rapidly becoming a top class international airline. In fact their annual report sports the theme "Gold Standard" to bring out the airline's aspiration of investing in the best of everything. They have created one of the best business classes in the world, with their business class seat judged among the top three in the entire world by Skytrax recently. is proud to partner with Smart Media in the carbon-neutral production of annual reports for leading organizations like Oman Air.
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