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Unique Program Offsets Carbon Emissions Generated by CSRwire’s Business Operations

Silver Spring, MD - September 26 -, the leading not-for-profit carbon offset organization, and CSRwire, The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire, have partnered to deliver the latest CSR headlines, CarbonFreeTM. Every press release CSRwire sends is now CarbonFree™, with CSRwire supporting climate-friendly and carbon reducing projects with This partnership marks the launch of’s CarbonFree™ program.

When a company such as CSRwire joins the CarbonFree™ program, the company receives access to CarbonFreeTM branded material, consultations on carbon reductions and stakeholder outreach, and customized solutions for products and services.

Participants in the program commit to offset a portion of their business or services, reduce their emission baseline where possible, and agree to reach out to their stakeholders. The process is simple and easy to start, and provides instant recognition for the company or organization that they are taking concrete action on climate change and reducing their carbon emissions.

CSRwire, working in conjunction with, determined the carbon footprint of its operations along with that of its parent company, Meadowbrook Lane Capital, and has offset its footprint by supporting clean, renewable energy. This means that, on behalf of CSRwire, will now offset the 264,000 pounds of CO2 that CSRwire and Meadowbrook Lane are responsible for producing through their business activities.

CSRwire will announce that each press release is CarbonFree™ with a tagline at the bottom of every press release. The tagline will include a link to to enable viewers to learn more about the partnership and offset their organization. If they do, CSRwire will offer a 25% discount on the press release announcing the commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

“Our CarbonFree™ program provides a simple way for any company to utilize carbon offsets to reduce their impact on climate change, and we’re excited that CSRwire is leading the way and making such a visible commitment to being CarbonFree™” said Eric Carlson, executive director of “There is no reason consumers should not be asking ‘Is this company or organization doing something about their carbon emissions?’ and now, with the CarbonFree™ seal, consumers will immediately know the answer is yes.”

According to Greg Schneider, Director of CSRwire, “CSRwire strives to exist in a sustainable and responsible way, always looking for practical, easy approaches to reduce our impact on the environment. made it simple to calculate all of carbon emissions for our own operations as well as our parent company’s operations. We encourage all companies to take this step toward environmental responsibility.”

About ( reduces the threat of climate change by making it easy and affordable for any individual or business to reduce their carbon footprint and support climate-friendly projects. With its easy-to-use calculator, low offset cost per ton of CO2, and certified offset projects, is proving that anyone can reduce their impact on climate change easily and efficiently. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit business, and a member of the EPA’s Green Power Network, the Chicago Climate Exchange, and Ceres.

About CSRwire 
CSRwire ( is the leading source of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, press releases, reports and news. CSRwire members are companies and NGOs, agencies and organizations interested in communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, and socially responsible initiatives to a global audience through CSRwire’s syndication network and weekly News Alerts. Meadowbrook Lane Capital, CSRwire’s parent company, has been described as a ‘socially responsible investment bank’ by the Wall Street Journal. The company specializes in turning values into valuation while concentrating on succession issues for mission driven companies.



Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You—An Activist’s Guide

Denver, CO (9/6/2006)—Global warming and its devastating effects are issues that dot headlines throughout the country on any given day. In her new book Stop Global Warming: The Solution is You—An Activist’s Guide, producer and environmental activist Laurie David addresses the threat of global warming and urges readers to become the next wave of activists on this critical issue. Stop Global Warming seeks to turn headlines into action by showing readers how every individual matters and can make a real difference to help solve this urgent problem in this growing movement to protect our future. From unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use, to purchasing post consumer recycled waste paper products, David suggests that it isn’t about doing everything, it’s about everyone doing something. She offers suggestions on how shifting basic, everyday behaviors will help Americans reduce their own global warming pollution and help shift the country’s desire to tackle the problem before its too late.

In this personal account of her journey into activism, David’s powerful voice inspires readers with grounded information on why everyone (and particularly young people) should get involved in the race to stop global warming. Interspersed throughout the text, short statements by celebrities, mayors, governors, senators, business leaders, and other concerned Americans discuss why the issue of global warming is really about protecting all that we hold near and dear. 

“So many people ask, ‘What can I do?’ and it is my hope that this book will help answer that question and inspire a whole new set of activists to help stop global warming,” says David.

Laurie David is also the founder of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March ( that began in April of 2005. This historic initiative is engaging religious leaders, labor unions, elected officials from all sides of the aisle, business leaders, and American citizens to urge the United States to address the ticking time bomb that is global warming.

Stop Global Warming: The Solution Is You—An Activist’s Guide includes a foreword by David’s husband, comedian Larry David, and an afterword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

About Fulcrum Publishing
Founded in 1984, Fulcrum Publishing is one of the largest independent publishers in the country, with more than 450 active titles. The company maintains a high standard of quality and pride in its books, with the objective of encouraging readers to live life to the fullest and learn something new each day. Fulcrum Publishing specializes in general interest nonfiction titles with focuses in public policy, education, Native American culture and history, travel and outdoor recreation, environmentalism, and gardening. Fulcrum is an equal opportunity employer and is headquartered in Golden, Colorado.

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