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Alterra Hetzel

Alterra Hetzel

In the past couple weeks there have been two stark reminders of the dangers that toxic materials in batteries can pose to our environment. First, Bloomberg News reported Chinese battery plants in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan and Henan provinces stopped production and detained a Battery Co. representative after more than 300 people near a plant were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood. Then, two weeks later, the Environmental Leader reported that operations at Puerto Rico’s battery recycling center are being investigated regarding multiple EPA laws. They had to temporarily evacuate employees from homes after local children had lead in their blood high enough to pose a health risk. That is why is proud to partner with LEI Products on the Carbonfree Product Certification of Eco Alkaline Batteries. Eco Alkaline has reduced the CO2 emissions and climate change impact of the battery’s production, distribution and disposal, and, in light of recent news, it is equally important to note the batteries are manufactured with 0% Mercury, 0% Lead, 0% Cadmium. As their website points out: “While, other battery producers claim ‘No ADDED Mercury, Lead or Cadmium.’ Eco Alkaline brand batteries have none of these heavy metals. ALL OTHER batteries carry at least ONE of the three elements above. Other brands may limit the usage of such heavy metals maintaining levels below the 0.9% that allows them to be called FREE, but these harmful chemicals are still present - that's up to 900 times more dangerous materials than Eco Batteries.” In addition to these already important and progressive measures in the battery manufacturing, Eco Alkaline batteries use recycled materials where possible and contain 98% plus recyclable contents and considered landfill safe by Canadian and USA Environmental Protection Agencies. To learn more, please visit:
The date never changes, but Christmas has a tricky way of sneaking up on some of us each year. If you still have a few names on your gift list and are starting to feel the time-crunch, is ready with holiday gifts that are not only thoughtful but quick. Give a gift that reduces the carbon footprint of someone you care about and receive a personalized certificate in minutes that you can send on. Your donation supports's innovative, third-party validated projects that help the climate by reducing carbon emissions. Sharing your interest in climate change is a great way to give to your family and to the environment. Visit today.
Joie de Vivre Hotels is California's largest boutique hotel collection. Founded in 1987 in San Francisco by Chip Conley, Joie de Vivre has built a reputation for creating some of the most innovative hospitality services and products and designing one-of-a-kind properties in the U.S. – from boutique hotels to Japanese communal baths to exciting restaurants and lounges. Joie de Vivre's brand personality has a lot in common with the California lifestyle experience: it’s fresh, inventive, casual, and grass-roots oriented. Given its growth throughout the state, Joie de Vivre Hotels is becoming the hotel brand synonymous with the California travel experience. But this boutique hotel collection is not just setting itself apart with innovative hospitality. Just in time for Earth Day 2011, Joie de Vivre has launched a carbon neutral stay option under its Green Dreams program. The mission of the green dreams program is to preserve the environment by incorporating sustainability into core business operations. The hotels green policies and practices are designed to educate its employees and guests, reduce waste and toxins, conserve natural resources and partner with local and environmentally-friendly businesses. They adhere to the strictest environmental standards, engage in sustainable practices and maintain an impeccable quality of guest experience. Here is a summary of efforts: •             Recycling and Waste Reduction: •             Guestroom recycling program •             Hotel operations recycling/composting programs •             Use of recycled paper products (toilet paper, tissue, copy paper, printed materials) •             Donation programs (towel/linen, furniture, uniforms, partially-used bath amenities) •             Leftover food donations to local charities •             Community service - beach cleanup, donations to environmental organizations In addition to the summary of efforts, Joie de Vivre's partnership with allows guests who stay with Joie de Vivre the opportunity to offset their carbon foot print by contributing $1 per night at the time of booking their hotel reservation at participating hotels. is thrilled to partner with Joie de Vivre to support third-party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change. For more information, please visit:
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Five Ideas for Alternative Gift Wrap posted this blog last year, and it is worth re-posting as we all go into a weekend of gift wrapping for the holiday season. Each year Americans produce four million tons of garbage from gift wrap and shopping bags alone, according to the waste watchers at Use Less Stuff. Reduce your landfill impact this holiday season by checking out these alternative ways to wrap gifts. 1. Seeded paper: Give two gifts in one by wrapping presents with seeded paper. Bloomin' Flower Cards makes a gift wrap from 100% recycled paper infused with wildflower seeds like Black-Eyed Susans and Forget-Me-Nots. Just take the wrapping outside, dig a shallow hole, drop the paper, cover with soil and water periodically. Flowers will burst from the site in 4-8 weeks. 2. Post-consumer wrapping paper: If sleek and smooth wrapping paper is more your style, there's no reason not to use a recycled brand. EndoPrint makes prints on 100% post-consumer waste paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All ink is soy-based and non-toxic and, to top it off, completely chlorine-free. The company also supports wind power production. They have some really neat designs like candy cane snowflakes or deco orange pods. 3. Reused materials: Because you go straight to your GPS navigator for directions anyway, use old paper maps to make your gift stand out in intricately designed paper. If there aren't any maps lying around, used bookstores usually have diverse collection of metro, street and world maps. 4. Recycled bows: Some people save and horde gift bows for reuse, but if the bow coffers are low this year you don't have to run to the store to refill. Crafty how-to blog How About Orange takes you through four easy steps to make your own out of glossy magazine pages. 5. Fabric wrapping: Rather than trying to save and smooth out crumpled paper for next year, invest in a set of reusable fabric bags. There are a number of vendors who sell pre-made bags or fabrics cut to match different sized boxes, or you can watch this great video to learn how to use your own fabrics to wrap gifts in the Japanese Furoshiki style.
HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company, working with clients in the areas that impact and redefine the core of their businesses. HCL has an extensive global offshore infrastructure and a network of offices in 26 countries to providing services including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Consumer Services, Public Services and Healthcare. In addition, every year, HCL hosts an event that bring together  thought leaders-  from prominent IT executives to prominent CEOs, from business leaders to leaders in fields as varied as biotechnology and literature – to illustrate the power of ideas. From November 13th to the 15th, HCL will be holding their annual “Unstructure” meeting at The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. HCL started this meeting 6 years ago and it has grown to bring together customers, global business executives and thought leaders to spur new thinking on pressing IT, business and social issues. The name “Unstructure” says it all as the meeting’s primary focus is to foster thinking that questions the status quo. The theme this year “I Have An Idea,” provides a platform for speakers to share ideas that they are passionate about and that can effect a positive change in our world, our businesses and our lives. And, HCL has definitely made a positive change in our environmental world. This year, and since 2008, HCL has partnered with to offset the carbon impact of the “Unstructure” meeting. Past Global Meets have featured celebrated speakers such as President Bill Clinton, climate change activist Al Gore and management visionary Gary Hamel, as well as IT thought leaders and thought-provoking CEOs and CIOs from companies such as Boeing, Xerox, Allianz, Microsoft and Deutsche Bank. This year, President Clinton and Malcolm Gladwell will be joined by presenters not only from the world of IT but also from fields such as medical research and English literature. Foundation is thrilled to partner with HCL again this year for this important event. To learn more visit: –
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Grounds For Change: The Movie

Recently released for National Coffee Day, this is an incredible video that shows exactly how Grounds for Change coffee goes from a sack of beans in a warehouse to a steaming mug in your house while showcasing the positive mission of Grounds for Change  as a company. It was created with help from, a great company that makes creative movies for good. Every single bean Grounds for Change roasts is Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, CarbonFree Certified and grown in shaded conditions by small farmer cooperatives. Enjoy the video and please go to or call 800.796.6820 to place your order today!
From coast to coast, north to south, drivers across the nation are revving their engines for the inaugural Go Green Auto Rally... and then quickly stopping when they learn that revving is a waste of gas and isn't helping improving emissions or air quality. That's what the Go Green Auto Rally is all about - proving a comprehensive, fun and easy way for everyone to adopt green driving principles. You think revving your engine is fun? How about oogling a dozen shiny new green cars, entering and winning prizes, and playing with the coolest new technology like a gadget that tracks your driving style and pinpoints exactly how you can save gas? The Go Green Auto Rally kicks off today, Marth 10th, in Miami and before it's done will hit Long Beach and San Francisco in Cali., plus  Baltimore, DC, Charlotte and Indianapolis for the Indy 500. partner Driver Telematics is excited to be a part of this public event that teaches driving techniques that can reduce your car's carbon footprint and fuel consumption while increasing behind-the-wheel safety. And the Go Green Auto Rally is certainly gaining traction too! The Rally has been nominated to receive the prestigious 2011 Edison Best New Product Award™ in recognition of its contributions to sustainability and its innovation in the area of education.  For more information: Driver Telematics provides detailed information about the performance and movements of drivers and vehicles via a secure web-hosted system “WorldVIEW.”  This system can track driver behavior in "real time,” which focuses driving behaviors that can be both unsafe and excessively burn fuel (such as speeding, hard braking, harsh acceleration, excessive idle). For fleets or personal use, Driver Telematics provides driver safety and training solutions to embrace a culture of safety, standards and sustainability.  For more information: After reducing the environmental impact by learning better driving skills through these technologies and events, can help individuals and fleets make it possible to be carbon neutral after their reductions. The funds that receives from this mitigation supports important projects like Truck Stop Electrification, which is designed to reduce diesel emissions and save trucking companies the cost of fuel that would be used while idling. For more information:
Sunlyte LLC (Kennebunkport, Maine) is proud to join forces with EDC (Langenhagen, Germany) and shorewood.blueprint (Middlesex, UK) to form the Sunlyte Alliance. The Sunlyte Alliance sets the benchmark for Sustainablity in Media. The Sunlyte Alliance offers the Media and Entertainment Industry Certified CarbonFree® CD and DVD packaged discs made from 100% recycled materials including: polycarbonate discs, paperboard jackets and recycled PET Sunlyte trays. The Sunlyte Alliance achieves drastic carbon footprint reduction through design and proprietary manufacturing processes. The Sunlyte Alliance further reduces a package’s environmental footprint through efficient shipping, distribution, and retailing. Sunlyte Alliance Packaged Discs are simply as green as it gets:
  • 100% recycled
  • Ultra low carbon footprint
  • Remaining footprint, including shipping, offset to zero through carbon offsets
  • Certified CarbonFree®
EDC provides discs made of 100% recycled carbonate derived from old and surplus discs and recycled using a proprietary process that removes all metal, lacquers and inks, then grinds, filters and re-extrudes the waste material into an optically pure disc. Shorewood.blueprint contributes a printed outer digi to house the Sunlyte Tray, made from 100% recycled paperboard using the most environmentally responsible vegetable based inks and coatings. This production process is overseen by FSC certification and ISO 9001 and 1264-7 standards. Sunlyte LLC supplies the lightweight Sunlyte Tray, made from 100% recycled plastic beverage bottles, and manages carbon accounting and CarbonFree® Product Certification. "From design to distribution to disposal, Sunlyte Alliance accounts for the carbon costs associated with the manufacturing of CD and DVD discs, all printed materials and packaging, even the shrink wrap, and shipping to distribution," said Paul Gelardi, Sunlyte LLC CEO and Founder. "We have performed the most extensive carbon footprint analysis of media packaging to validate our CarbonFree certification." A full lifecycle analysis to determine the carbon footprint of Sunlyte Alliance packaged discs (including the materials and manufacturing of discs, all packaging and printed material, all transportation through to distribution, and end-of-life) has been calculated by an independent consultant and the methodology was reviewed by two leading carbon management organizations. High standard, third-party validated carbon offsets are then purchased to neutralize the full “cradle to grave” lifecycle footprint. Though the analysis, reductions, and offsets, Sunlyte packaged discs have achieved certification from as CarbonFree®. Sunlyte Alliance packaged discs reduce material costs, energy costs and waste. For example, a packaged Sunlyte Certified CD weighs 49% less than a standard CD package, resulting in significant shipping and carbon footprint savings. "The carbon footprint of a product is in large part a measure of waste, and waste is not only bad for the environment, it's bad for business," said Paul Gelardi, Sunlyte Packaging’s CEO and Founder. "Through a continuing effort to reduce the essential carbon footprint of packaged discs coupled with carbon offsets, we hope to prove that what’s good for the environment is good for business and help the Home Entertainment and Optical Publishing Industry become the first CarbonFree® Industry. " Sunlyte Certified packaged discs adhere to sustainability guidelines of Wal-Mart, the Recording Association of America and the National Association of Recording Merchandisers. Sunlyte Alliance Certified CarbonFree®discs and multi-media packaging are available directly from EDC, shorewood.blueprint and Sunlyte LLC.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations will host The Learning Conference 2011 in Baltimore, MD on June 6 & 7, held in partnership with the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers. The Learning Conference will convene more than 150 leaders in philanthropy to explore ways to improve learning and evaluation so that grantmakers and nonprofits alike have a better understanding of what works.

To reduce the carbon footprint of The Learning Conference 2011, GEO is inviting conference participants to join this initiative by making a donation to offset their carbon footprint from travel to The Learning Conference 2011. Donations support's innovative, third-party validated projects that are reducing carbon emissions globally.

Please visit for more information and program details.
Maryland's Bethesda Green public-private partnership for sustainable growth and Bethesda Magazine will be honoring the region’s green leaders at the Bethesda Green Gala Thursday evening at Imagination Stage in Bethesda. is making the Gala a CarbonFree® Event, balancing the event's footprint in support of third-party validated carbon reduction projects that are fighting climate change today. The evening, emceed by former Washington Post columnist Bob Levey, will feature the 2010 Bethesda Magazine Green Award Winners, a seasonal menu with fare from local purveyors, and local/organic beer and wine from Honest Tea. In addition, the gala will hold an auction including local and sustainable trips, gifts and services, including a local commuting offset from Learn more by visiting If you're a business or organization in Montgomery County, Maryland, you can become a Montgomery County Certified Green Business like Visit
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