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Deepmarket.com and Carbonfund.org Announce Partnership to Link Blog Links with Carbon Offsets

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Financial analysis website and blog Deepmarket.com to offset one ton of CO2 emissions for every blog that links to Deepmarket.com

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 23, 2006 — Deepmarket.com, a blog that researches new techniques for stock market analysis, and Carbonfund.org, a pioneering nonprofit organization making it easy and affordable for any person or business to reduce their climate impact, announced today an innovative program to link carbon offsets with weblog links.  Deepmarket.com has pledged to offset one ton of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas causing global warming, for each blog that links to deepmarket.com.

“In working with Carbonfund.org, I hope to encourage bloggers to go beyond the debate about climate change,” said Eric Cahoon, who writes the DeepMarket.com blog.  “This challenge to bloggers is to help create awareness of actions they can take now – such as taking advantage of energy efficient appliances and reducing the energy they use.  In working with Carbonfung.org, they can have further impact by reducing carbon emissions, supporting renewable energy and reforestation projects.”

“Solving the problem of global warming and our addiction to oil and fossil fuels will take innovative ideas and creative thinking,” said Carbonfund.org President Eric Carlson.  “Deepmarket.com is showing that good business can go hand in hand with a better environment.  We applaud Deepmarket.com for this creative, unique and effective way to educate millions of people about global warming while also supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.”

According to the program, Deepmarket.com, which is already a supporter of Carbonfund.org and has offset its carbon footprint, will offset one ton of carbon dioxide emissions with Carbonfund.org for every blog that links to Deepmarket.com.  The program costs fellow bloggers nothing to participate.

DeepMarket.com wanted a way to bring attention to Carbonfund.org in a simple, but effective manner.  “I found that Carbonfund.org had the most comprehensive and cost effective programs for carbon emissions offsets and I wanted to help support their programs.”  Eric Cahoon added “Beyond the climate change issue, Carbonfund.org is addressing the need for alternatives to fossil based energy sources – one of my primary concerns.”

The signs of global warming and climate change are all around us.  2005 was the warmest year on record.  Greenland is melting 2.5 times faster than just a decade ago.  The Arctic may be on an irreversible melting cycle.  Carbon dioxide levels are at their highest levels of concentration in more than 650,000 years.  Major storms are becoming more frequent and more severe.  Global warming is here, we are all responsible for it and we must all take action to stop it.

“The evidence of global warming is inescapable,” added Eric Carlson.  “We are all responsible for global warming and we all must be part of the solution.  Deepmarket.com is today taking an important leadership step in solving this global problem.”

About Deepmarket.com
DeepMarket.com is a blog written by Eric Cahoon that explores advanced methods for stock market analysis.  Eric Cahoon is an independent data mining consultant.

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