Tropical Traders

Tropical Traders is a wholesale specialty food company focusing on hand-crafted, artisanal goods. In 2005, the company launched with its Royal Hawaiian Honey brand, a line of three gourmet and organic single-source varietal honeys produced on the Big Island of Hawaii. The company has offices in Captain Cook, Hawaii and Oakland, California. For more information visit:

Environmental Commitment

Tropical Traders recognizes the enormous amount of energy that is used in growing, packing and shipping food in the United States each year. It decided to make a positive impact on climate change by off-setting the emissions generated by its Royal Hawaiian Honey line. By taking responsibility for its carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy sources, the Royal Hawaiian Honey line is an example of how the American food industry can make a difference.
“CarbonFree certification for our Royal Hawaiian Honey line is a seamless extension of our commitment to organic agriculture. We are simply taking that dedication to the next level” -Rebeca Krones, Co-Founder, Tropical Traders