Propel Fuels, Inc.

Propel is building a better kind of fuel company by offering drivers expanded choices at the pump along with free tools and resources to improve daily transportation. Propel’s stations offer both conventional fuels and alternatives to petroleum, providing a selection of high-performance, premium-quality, renewable fuels at locations convenient for today’s drivers. These stations support Propel’s vision of Clean Mobility: enabling consumers to reach their destination while reducing the impact on the environment.

Environmental Commitment

Propel stations are green-built and feature sustainable design, recycling, efficient LED lighting and carbon-neutral operation in partnership with  Propel is also the first fuel company to offer customers the choice to offset the carbon associated with their conventional fuel purchases, enabling drivers to make cleaner, healthier choices regardless of their vehicle technology. 

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" provides an easy way to offset the balance of the carbon created through station operations. What can’t be reached through design and efficiency, we are able to offset with"


  • City: Redwood City
  • State: CA
  • Country: United States