Mac-Gray Campus Solutions

Celebrating 60 years in service, Mac-Gray Campus Solutions is the premier laundry service provider to over 600 college and university campuses. To best serve our customers, we combine our advanced technological solutions including LaundryView®, the #1 online monitoring software, with the installation of the most water and energy-efficient equipment available. Through our Lighten the Load™ initiative we seek to reduce our carbon footprint one school at a time while educating students on the benefits of being sustainable in the laundry room. To learn more, visit and

Environmental Commitment

Managing our impact on the environment is a corporate priority. The following guidelines are established to support this policy: - Encourage customers to reduce the environmental impact of their properties and facilities and offer them environmentally responsible solutions to accomplish this objective. - Communicate with employees, customers, and suppliers about environmental issues and activities to encourage responsible behavior. - Invest in the development of technology that will help reduce the impact our business activities on the environment. - Conserve natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials and by purchasing recycled materials whenever possible. - Encourage suppliers to provide products that are environmentally responsible, including the purchase of recycled materials. - Work with to explore and implement carbon offset programs.
"Simply stated, managing our impact on the environment has long been a part of doing business at Mac-Gray; it is yet another dimension of what we call “Intelligent Laundry.” We will continue to make this a serious priority for our company in the future and work to involve our customers and partners in our efforts." - Stewart G. MacDonald, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Mac-Gray Corporation