Leading Edge Design Group

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) is a leading national provider of energy optimization services that delivers significant energy savings to the public and private marketplaces through efficient data center designs and emerging LED lighting and wireless lighting control technologies.

Founded in 2007 with the goal of pursuing, promoting, and providing the finest energy optimization solutions available, we help our customers minimize the environmental impact of their businesses while improving operational reliability and reducing costs.

Leading Edge Design Group is dedicated to encouraging, challenging, and contributing to energy industry innovation with an ongoing commitment to our community and our environment.

Visit us at http://www.ledesigngroup.com, review our work in the photo gallery, and connect with us on Twitter @ledesigngroup.

Environmental Commitment

A steadfast commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency are core components of our values, culture, and mission at Leading Edge Design Group.  We strive to help our customers dramatically improve the energy efficiency of their operations while delivering our services and managing our organization in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Our environmental commitment extends from recycling programs to sustainable products and systems in our offices, carpooling efforts to carbon offsets.  We hope that our efforts will be impactful and that our commitment will help our employees, partners, and customers strive to increase their own commitment to carbon neutrality. 

“We are proud of our ongoing efforts to help our customers significantly reduce their carbon footprint but understand that this effort necessitates travel and the associated consumption of natural resources. Our partnership with Carbonfund.org allows us to maintain our commitment to our clients while offsetting the carbon emissions required to support the successful implementation of our solutions.” - Todd Boucher, Principal, LEDG


  • City: Enfield
  • State: NH
  • Country: United States