Just Skin Food, LLC

Just Skin Food was founded with a simple ethos: to make handmade organic and naturally synthetic-free skin food products that support, nourish and heal.

You will not find sodium laureth sulphate, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colors, preservatives, chemicals, or fragrances in Just Skin Food products.

We take pride in providing a holistic approach to healing.  Our products have been organically and naturally wildcrafted.  Most of our products are vegan and cruelty free; and all of our products are GMO-free. Skin is a highly absorbent living organ and whatever you use on it will go through it.

Our herbal skin products, when used “transdermally” (across the skin), will rapidly be absorbed, thereby quickly boosting healing to the affected area.  This effect not only is restorative but can also provide the body with all the benefits associated with therapeutic herbs.  After all, many herbs and weeds are foods that nourish the body.

Environmental Commitment

When I first started to make my products I had chosen NOT to sell anything online for the simple fact of having too much carbon footprint for such small products was counter intuitive to healing.  Therefore, decided only to keep it very local or when I would be in the extended areas I would deliver them on my way to other venues or events etc. 

In a very short time everyone had wanted to order my herbal products online and I had to decide how to have a lesser carbon footprint for such small items.  SO I decided to have a minimum online order so that people can get what they need in one time.  In addition, in order to keep with the less carbon footprint I decided to reuse a lot of my shipping boxes whenever I received shipping boxes from my vendors. I also ship only 2x a week so that I have enough orders to make it feasible for myself to deliver to post office or for pickup of boxes. I use only USPS.  I also decided to use organic freshly popped popcorn as packaging material when I did not reuse old packaging material so not to produce more waste and the popcorn can be fed to the birds.


  • City: Cape May
  • State: NJ
  • Country: United States