Global Basecamps

Global Basecamps is a specialty travel company that helps independent travelers research and book locally owned boutique hotels, off-the-beaten path lodges and multi-day excursions all over the world. By categorizing our product by environment type and focusing on green and sustainable lodging and tours, Global Basecamps gives the discerning independent traveler all of the tools necessary to create completely customized ground itineraries that maximize experience while minimizing impact.

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Environmental Commitment

Global Basecamps believes that a successful business, especially in the travel industry, is dependent on a healthy environment, both globally and locally. We believe that corporate growth and corporate responsibility are two sides of the same coin, and that capitalism and conservation are not mutually exclusive.

To this end, we have committed not only to offset all of our corporate greenhouse gas emissions but also have worked to create ways that our clients can contribute on every trip they take. We also support like-minded organizations through our product choices and partnerships and support the work of international conservation and poverty alleviation organizations to lessen the impact of tourism and development in the regions we work in.

"Global Basecamps was created for two simple reasons: to bring a new type of lodging and tour option to online travel, and to redesign the booking experience. We were tired with limited choices and boring interfaces and wanted the experience of researching and booking hotels, lodges and tours to reflect the excitement that we felt while we were actually traveling. Our ultimate goal is to give independent travelers the resources to explore the world while simultaneously bringing much needed financial support to the areas that need it the most." - Sebastian Riedel


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