Citizen Yogurt

Citizen Yogurt is a 100% locally owned and operated, family business in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We are a self-serve frozen yogurt shop choosing to break the mold of froyo chains with an alternative path; our goals are to: 

BE FUN (AND TASTY).  We constantly explore bold and unusual flavors and toppings, including customer nominated ideas.  Have you ever wondered how candied bacon, cilantro or bagel chips will taste on your froyo?  How about Himalayan pink rock salt, olive oil and mustard seeds?  Well maybe not mustard seeds, but these questions cross our minds and we’re on a journey to find delicious and unexpected combinations. 

BE RESPONSIBLE.  Our name reflects our goals: we are a democracy with input from our customers and responsibly support the community around us.  We sponsor local swim teams, sports clubs and organizations that support our neighbors.  We have charitable donation nights where at least 10% of our revenue will go to community organizations.  Even our yogurt comes from rBST-free cows!

Environmental Commitment

We are a small team but we take our commitment seriously.  From our sustainable bamboo hardwood floors to our carbon offsets, Citizen Yogurt believes small efforts add up.  Most importantly we hope to create awareness in our local area about carbon offsetting and encourage our customers to think about environmental commitments in their own lives.

“Citizen Yogurt has chosen to take a different path to success.  We have committed to running our business in the best way possible – including the impact on the environment and community.’s transparency, not-for-profit status and strong partner list help make that goal easier to achieve.” - Charles Park, Owner and President


  • City: Raleigh
  • State: NC
  • Country: United States