Bum Boosa Bamboo Products

Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products is a business launched and operated by moms committed to creating truly environmentally-friendly personal care products from the renewable, sustainable resource of bamboo in combination with natural ingredients in order to reduce the burden on trees. All products are designed with the environment and sensitive skin in mind. Bum Boosa™ puts its money where its environmental footprint is by offsetting carbon emissions through Carbonfund.org as well as planting a tree with Trees for the Future for each individual item sold. This fledgling company has offset 100 metric tonnes of carbon emissions with Carbonfund.org and has planted 47,000 trees with Trees for the Future as of June, 2012.

Environmental Commitment

Because it is necessary for our business to manufacture our products in and ship them from China since that is where the species of bamboo that we can use is grown, we felt that it was the environmentally responsible choice to offset more than 100% of our calculated carbon emissions.

"We chose Carbonfund.org because of the opportunity to select the type of projects that we wanted to fund. Choosing a project in Massachusetts, our home state, was important to us."


  • City: Mashpee
  • State: MA
  • Country: United States