123RF Limited

123RF.com is one of the world's largest players in the royalty-free microstock photography industry. Since its debut in June 2005, 123RF.com today hosts over 25 million stock photos, vector illustrations, stock footage and royalty free music & SFX with over 100,000 contributing photographers and illustrators.

The 123RF.com platform is also a channel for photographers, illustrators and designers to showcase their talent, allowing them to promote and sell their creations to a worldwide audience through a sales profit sharing model between 123RF and each contributor. With images going for less than $1, 123RF.com is committed to making high quality stock photography affordable for everyone. 123RF.com also offers its clients the flexibility of acquiring images via subscription plans or credit packages, whichever suits their needs better.

Environmental Commitment

As a royalty-free stock photo library that offers a wide variety of stunning yet practical high quality images, 123RF.com is all about providing the best stock images across various categories that includes wildlife and nature. Both wildlife and nature are something that 123RF.com is truly passionate about so protecting and conserving it is a mission that 123RF.com would like to accomplish.

First, 123RF.com is fighting negative climate change by enrolling in the CarbonFree® Small Business Program. The CarbonFree® Small Business Program’s goal is to reduce and offset the amount of carbon that is being released to the atmosphere. The staff at 123RF.com are also committed to help save the earth by making changes in their working and personal life to reduce energy consumption and waste, re-use what they can and recycle what they can’t reuse.

Back in 2009, 123RF.com began utilizing recyclable and biodegradable papers and reduced the use of laminated plastics and print in our marketing materials. 123RF.com feels that this is just one of the numerous ways of moving towards a greener environment. Believe it or not, a little step definitely goes a long way.

123RF.com has also made a contribution towards conversation efforts of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to help conserve and protect forests and jungle. A shocking amount of 100 trees are being cut down every minute. Through this small but meaningful initiative, 123RF.com is doing all we can to help protect some of nature's precious gems.

"Eager to make a positive change in the world today, 123RF.com is very keen to create a partnership with Carbonfund.org. With Carbonfund.org's main motto being 'Reduce what you can, offset what you can't.', 123RF.com will step up and take the responsibility by repairing the damage caused by our own carbon footprints produced at the office and the daily lifestyle of each staff member.

Saving the earth is not an easy task but with the help of Carbonfund.org and other similar organizations that are committed towards environmental conservation, all 123RF.com staff will each do their part, no matter how small – every little helps!" - Stephanie Sitt, CEO