Thank you for choosing JetBlue Airways for your air travel. At JetBlue, we realize it is our social responsibility to reduce our environmental impact as best we can, in line with low-cost carrier spending habits. Through our Jetting to Green initiatives, we're working to protect and preserve the environment, and to do our part to be good environmental stewards. By choosing to offset your travel with our partner, you too are making a pledge to protect and preserve the environment. Thank you for your contribution-- together we can make a difference. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

What Does It Mean To Offset?

While JetBlue's fleet is among the most fuel-efficient in the industry, air travel still makes an impact on our environment. Carbon offsets allow you to balance out the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions you're responsible for on your flight by supporting projects that reduce CO2 elsewhere. See our projects below.

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