JetBlue tries to reduce GHG emissions from our daily operation, but we aren’t able to completely eliminate them – no airline can with current technology. In the meantime, we’re making use of carbon offsets and invite you to join us.

Since partnering with in 2008, JetBlue has offset over a billion pounds of CO2e.  For more on how we reduce and report emissions, visit

Thank you for joining us and being down to earth, even in the air. Learn more at

What Does It Mean To Offset?

While JetBlue's fleet is among the most fuel-efficient in the industry, air travel still makes an impact on our environment. Carbon offsets allow you to balance out the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions you're responsible for on your flight by supporting projects that reduce CO2 elsewhere. See our projects below.

Or select a preset round-trip option.

Ex. Boston-Orlando roundtrip

Ex. New York City-San Francisco roundtrip


  • City: New York
  • State: NY
  • Country: United States