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Linda Kelly Foundation announces a collaboration with The Mutual, a new social enterprise launching today, to be the organization’s official "Air" Cause Partner. is proud to be one of the environmental charities partnering with The Mutual in this exciting new concept. The Mutual helps individuals and businesses live and operate more sustainably by connecting them to environmental non-profit Cause Partners in an incentive based model that inspires and rewards positive behavior change. Individuals join for as little as $10 per month and select the environmental non-profit to which they wish to donate. In return, they get unlimited access to program Perks like VIP service, early access to tickets and discounts from partner businesses such as Brooklyn Brewery, uncommon goods and Zimride, in effect creating an "economy for good". The Mutual has taken the best of reward programs and charitable giving and merged the two in a model that provides incentives to both individuals and businesses to participate. “The problem with bringing about significant change is that no one has made it easy. With The Mutual, we make doing good easy and advantageous for individuals and businesses. It’s really just bringing the business and philanthropic worlds a little closer together in a practical way. We call it profitable activism,” said Dan Vallejo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Mutual. The membership model also provides an enticing alternative to daily deal sites for businesses. There is no cost for businesses to join The Mutual, and The Mutual does not take any cut of the deals offered. Members can either choose a specific cause or spread their donation equally across all five causes, which the Company calls the Smart Model. The Mutual believes the Smart Model allocates members' donations across the right blend of areas to create the greatest collective impact on the environment, and 80% of membership dues go directly to the selected charity or charities. Cause Partners include: • – Air • Oceana – Water • The Trust for Public Land – Earth • World Resources Institute – Reform • Center for Ecoliteracy – Education “We are very excited to be partnering with as our official Air Cause Partner. We spent months doing due diligence on potential partners and have identified the five that we believe are the best at what they do. Carbonfund was an easy choice as the leader in the offset space. We love how personal and real an offset feels. We’re certain Carbonfund’s measured results will help drive engagement with our individual members.” Said Dan Vallejo, CEO and Co-Founder of The Mutual. For more information about The Mutual, or to sign up today, click here.
Modwalls® is “Making Tile Modern” with easy online shopping and colorful collections inspired by mid-century architecture and modern design. Back in 2005, while searching for tile products for their own home renovations, founders David Bousfield and Rebecca Lonergan were frustrated with the lack of colorful modern tile options available, the high prices and extended lead time to receive tile products. With their backgrounds in high tech, David and Rebecca knew they could bring a traditionally brick and mortar retail experience online. Their goal was to design and stock the modern tile products they were seeking, make these products available for immediate delivery via online purchase, and to provide customer service equal to or better than the hands-on assistance offered at traditional tile showrooms. Modwalls began by offering glass mosaic tile in many colors with custom blending options. From that single product beginning of Brio® glass mosaic tile, they’ve created several other lines, including their Lush® clear glass subway tile with clean modern edges, and colorful retro inspired ModDotz™ porcelain penny round tile.  Since 2008, Modwalls has expanded to offer several sustainable tile options including Viridian™ Recycled Glass Tile, ModRocks™ 100% post-consumer Recycled Glass Pebbles, and CorkDotz all Natural Cork Mosaic Penny Rounds made of end cuts from a wine cork manufacturer.  All of these products are mesh mounted in square foot sheets or larger as noted, for easy modular installation. The Modwalls staff has grown to a small team of dedicated customer care and shipping professionals. In addition, Modwalls partners with HOPE Services and their workshop of developmentally disabled clients to produce their custom Brio® glass mosaic blends locally. The team at Modwalls is working to reduce their operational carbon footprint in a number of ways. They design and sell glass, porcelain and cork tile collections which emit no VOC’s, and carry an ever expanding line of products made with recycled content including tile grout made of 80% post consumer recycled glass dust. Their packing material is recycled and recyclable, and they donate imperfect and discontinued tile products to Resource Area for Teachers and school art programs, diverting them from landfills. Modwalls is also a CarbonFree™ Partner with, offsetting their business shipping emissions by supporting renewable energy projects that reduce emissions while creating cleaner energy sources. “As an online retailer we are concerned about the carbon emissions generated by the shipping of our products. is a key partner in our initiative to reduce our company’s carbon footprint,” says Rebecca Lonergan, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Modwalls. Check out the colorful, creative and sustainable tile products from Modwalls for your next remodeling project.
Whatever your financial goals, no matter how big your dreams, you deserve an investment strategy that gives you the greatest reward with the least risk, lowest cost and greatest peace of mind. And the folks at Merriman consider it their job to help you find that strategy.  Today, Merriman manages approximately $1.5 billion in investments, giving ongoing financial and retirement planning guidance to thousands of families across the country. Merriman advisors take the time to understand your financial goals and your emotions around money, helping you stay on track by finding and implementing an investment solution tailored specifically to fit you and your risk tolerance. Merriman’s fiduciary responsibilities include putting their clients’ needs first. As a fee-only advisory firm, they are paid only by their clients - their investors - and this enables Merriman to provide the most objective guidance possible. And the firm’s commitment extends to environmental responsibility and sustainable operations. In 2007, Merriman decided to look at sustainability and become a green organization. At first, the goal seemed vast. But the City of Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative pledged that Seattle would reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 7 percent below its 1990 emission levels by 2012, and created the Seattle Climate Partnership to help achieve these goals. Merriman volunteered to be part of this program and committed to become a green organization. Once Merriman mastered the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling, they moved on to bigger and broader ways to achieve sustainability within their work space. They were inspired to implement green concepts into the design and architecture of their office space, from DIRTT walls to recycled ceiling tiles and motion-sensor lights. The firm’s commitment is proudly proclaimed in each employee’s email signature, a regular reminder of their leadership in this initiative. And their employee recognition program, “Caught You Green Handed,” encourages employees to think and act green. The prize they receive is a green product they can take home, enabling them to continue their green behaviors outside of the office. Merriman posts weekly green tips on the company intranet to keep the concepts fresh and in the forefront. Even with all the positive efforts, Merriman recognizes that the firm still leaves a carbon footprint, so they partner with to offset their remaining annual business emissions footprint, and to support the mission and projects of  Merriman’s sustainability and environmental conservation programs were initiated by their CEO, and this passion for sustainability and inspiring positive change helps Merriman employees make the world a better place for all its inhabitants.
Need some help figuring out the maze of business applications and tech tools now available to help you reach your clients and customers through the methods that they prefer and use the most often? Talk to New Millennium Designs about the best way to integrate technology solutions that suit your business and attract your customers with consistent and impactful messaging. Established in 1997, NMD, Inc. was founded on the premise of providing quality programming and design punctuated by outstanding personalized service for all clients. NMD, Inc. services an international client base within both the private and public business sector and holds a well-respected place in the technology community due to innovative marketing, creative design and development skills, and service-oriented dedication to clients. NMD offers custom turn-key solutions including sales and marketing consulting, and a wide range of development and design services through its full service in-house creative and development team including: - Database design and integration - Software and programming solutions - Hand-held application development - Website design - State-of-the-art hosting solutions for NMD-designed applications - Email marketing campaigns and data analysis - Online marketing campaigns And now NMD pulls it all together with the launch of eMerge™ , NMD’s new interactive marketing suite, a new solution for clients seeking a comprehensive email, social media, mobile and web platform. eMerge white-label solutions enable small franchises to global organizations the ability to engage via email, social, text and web both internally and externally. eMerge™ offers a variety of options including a do-it-yourself subscription program, professional campaign services and partner opportunities including reseller programs and enterprise / white label solutions. Deliver a consistent message through all major online marketing channels - email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and landing page marketing – and understand what’s happening with real-time results. NMD also approaches business with a commitment to sustainable practices, including a business emissions offsetting program with   “NMD is supportive of green initiatives,” states NMD President, Bondilyn Jolly, “From our green architectural design, recycling practices, carbon emission offsets and paperless products such as, we feel it’s important to not only reduce our corporate impact on the environment, but to also serve as a model to other businesses of effective and cost-efficient green practices.” NMD has eMerge™ sales offices in both New Orleans, LA and Tampa, FL and are currently expanding across the United States. Find out how NMD can assist your business by calling 985-781-4471, toll-free at 1-888-639-9323 or visiting or  
Malk Sustainability Partners is a Business Partner, offsetting 35 metric tonnes of their business emissions by supporting’s reforestation projects. We've reprinted this article with permission to share another way MSP supports's mission, through helping to build communications technology to enable smarter and lower carbon development. Malk Sustainability Partners has been selected as the Co-Organizer of ICT for Green Asia, a high profile summit that will connect leaders from leading global mobile network operators and suppliers, decision-makers from communications and environmental ministries in Southeast Asia, and the world’s experts on sustainable communications practices and policies. The event is to be hosted by Indonesia’s Bakrie Telecom with the support of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative. Confirmed speakers include ITU Director of Telecommunications Malcolm Johnson, Global e-Sustainability Initiative Chair Luis Neves, and Indonesian Minister of Communications and Informatics Tifatul Sembiring. “Based on our excellent experiences working with Malk Sustainability Partners, we have selected them again to help us with this summit,” said Rakhmat Junaidi, Bakrie Telecom’s Director responsible for sustainability affairs. “During our two year partnership with MSP, they have shown considerable expertise in the area of sustainable ICT and have leveraged their global network of contacts to benefit our projects.” Content of ICT for Green Asia will focus on the enormous potential of information communications technology (ICT) to enable smarter and lower carbon development. It will highlight the correspondingly attractive market opportunity for ICT products and services which create smarter grids and buildings, promote better logistics management and motor operation, and expand access to healthcare and education. “Hosting this event only one year after launching its ‘Green for the Nation’ program represents a major milestone for Bakrie Telecom and we hope it will encourage a meaningful shift in thinking about the role of ICT in facilitating sustainable development in Asia. We are excited to be working on this project” said MSP Partner Zach Goldman, who is leading event development. More on ICT for Green Asia is available at Additional information on Malk Sustainability Partner’s work with information communications technology companies is available at
Need to get your message out to a wide and specific audience?  Find your solution with APS Mobile Advertising, LLC, providing on-demand, focused and targeted advertising to the customer at an affordable rate.  Their professionals provide the wealth of knowledge and experience that defines their highly qualified and motivated advertising team. APS Mobile Ads offers a full range of mobile advertising solutions, including mobile billboard, aerial, static billboard and over-the-road advertising, targeted by geography, demographic or event.  And mobile advertising is effective: • 98% of in-car audiences indicated they noticed truck-side ads. – American Trucking Association • 97% is the recall rate on mobile advertising. – Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s market research July/August 2002 • 96% of respondents say mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. – Outdoor Advertising Magazine TACA’s market research July/August 2002 • Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard. – Perception Research • 91% of target audiences noticed both graphics and text. – American Trucking Association and 3M APS Mobile Advertising, LLC is a USDOT compliant, environmentally conscious, veteran owned and operated company. APS Mobile Ads is the only Detroit-based mobile billboard advertising company, directly serving the mid-west, and through partner companies, coast to coast. And APS Mobile Ads is driven to maximize environmental responsibility in its operations. Utility consumption is kept extremely low, all eligible materials are recycled, drivers are instructed to operate all company vehicles at the most fuel efficient speeds, and APS Mobile Ads participates in’s CarbonFree™ Partnership program. “At APS Mobile Ads, we believe that business can be done more efficiently and just as effectively, while at the same time reducing the environmental impact of daily operations. We all have a responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint, and we look forward to achieving that goal through a successful partnership with,” exclaims Christopher A. Falster, Chairman of APS Mobile Ads. Learn more about the mobile advertising options and solutions at  They'll make you - and your audience - look!
Ever wonder what makes a Porsche 911 Carrera purr like a kitten, while harnessing all that horsepower under the hood?  Part of it is the wonder of Nickies™. Maybe you've heard that sports cars are high maintenance - always in the shop for this that or the other thing. It's very typical, even with high-powered cooling systems, that high-performance engines run too hot, and as you know, heat kills. LN Engineering, a leader in the Porsche aftermarket for high performance products and services, is producer of the trademarked Nickies™ cylinders for aircooled and watercooled Porsches. Nickies™ make your engine run cooler and with more power, which means more time on the road and less in the shop. LN Engineering has established itself as the only premium brand in the industry with a well-respected name and customer base, devoted to continued research and development in the area of lubricants as well as improving the efficiency and longevity for all Porsche models. LN Engineering maintains a clear focus on service and support, differentiating itself from competitors by delivering aircooled precision performance since 2002. Through advanced metallurgy, material science, and engineering, LN Engineering's Nickies™ cylinders provide increased strength, cooling and ductility (ability to be molded and shaped while maintaining strength). Nickies™ are 35% stronger than the best ductile iron available, debunking the myth that steel sleeves are needed for strength. Nickies™ also produce more horsepower! LN Engineering is owned and operated by Charles Navarro and Tammy Hellings, and the company is very involved in the local community. LN Engineering proudly supports Buy Local - Hire Local programs and all manufactures its Nickies™ cylinders and other associated product lines in the United States. To reduce dependence on foreign materials, LN Engineering purchases all manufacturing materials from U.S. sources and recycles 100% of scrap metal. They also use environmentally friendly solvents and coolants in the manufacturing process. To save both shipping costs and reduce emissions, the LN Engineering team drives a Prius to transport raw manufactured goods to their subcontractor 200 miles away, saving thousands a year on freight charges and using little fuel in the process, compared to using a cargo van for transport. And LN Engineering’s commitment to environmentally sound practices doesn’t stop there. “Although sports car manufacturers are striving to improve performance and increase efficiency of new models, little is done in the way of improving this on existing models. Limited by older technology, a reduction in emissions is limited to ensuring older vehicles are running as well as possible, so offsetting the carbon footprint of historically eco-unfriendly vehicles is one way to make sure we’ll be able to enjoy them for decades to come while improving our environment,” says Charles Navarro, President of LN Engineering. Charles currently is exploring options to carbon offset their parts shipping and their actual manufacturing process, as well as to offset the carbon footprint of an average Porsche customer’s annual mileage when using LN Engineering products. As a leader in the Porsche community, LN Engineering's focus is on quality, service, and support. is proud to help LN Engineering succeed in their efforts to achieve high performance and maintain environmentally sound business practices.
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Live. Give. Run with Charm City Run  It’s a simple message about an activity, an attitude and a commitment. It involves a sport that does not require wheels, clubs, racquets, bats or balls. All it asks of you are the shoes on your feet and 30 minutes of your time. For the folks at Charm City Run, it’s a daily lifestyle and a long-term commitment. Charm City Run is a Running & Walking Specialty company based in the Baltimore, MD area committed to fitting every customer in the "right" shoe based on their specific needs. With four retail store locations around Maryland and a great online store, Charm City Run can help anyone, from the newly dedicated fitness walker to the career marathoner. If you are training for your next event or just looking for something comfortable to wear day-to-day, check out Charm City Run. And check out the testimonials from their many satisfied and dedicated customers. Charm City Run is committed to serving its community and protecting the environment, and they’ve crafted the image and culture of their business to achieve these goals. It’s a wonderful opportunity and an enormous responsibility, and sometimes it’s inefficient and very costly to do the right thing. Since opening, Charm City Run has given a 10% discount on footwear to anyone that brings in an old pair of shoes to donate to the homeless, refugees abroad and other third world countries. Charm City Run also supports its environmental and community commitment through 1% for the Planet. For every dollar you spend in Charm City Run, a penny goes to the environment, period. And all Charm City Run contributions will stay with local charities and non-profit organizations focused on environmental causes, including Charm City Run also offers race management services through Charm City Event Management, a diversified event management and coordination company, comprised of individuals with varied business, education and sports backgrounds. The principals have experience in participating in, consulting and managing multi-sport events including road races, biathlons, triathlons, biking and swimming events. Charm City Run Event Management manages over 65 endurance events a year in the Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic Region and works with various non-profit organizations, corporations, municipalities and families in the planning process of these events.  Through the events that Charm City Run owns, manages or directs, they donate over $425,000 to charitable causes annually. Charm City Run will "give back" more dollars as a percentage of sales than not only any other company in their industry, but more than any other company in Baltimore and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic region.  Check out the online events calendar to find a run near you!  So get out there and run…or walk! And make sure that you’ve got the shoes you need from the running experts devoted to the sport, their community and the environment – Charm City Run, the sole of the city.
Must we all "suffer for beauty" when there is an environmentally- and socially-conscious cosmetics company at our fingertips?  When looking for the best in nail and lip polish, balms and polish remover, consider both the environmental and social impact of these products. PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics offers an extensive line of upscale cosmetics, through various retail stores and online, that meet the PeaceKeeper’s pledge to offer only products made with slavery-free labor, fair wages for their employees, no animal testing, and without harmful and carcinogenic ingredients. PeaceKeeper founder, Jody R. Weiss, was inspired to create her company as a way to address the need for a women-oriented company that focused on the values of real love, fairness and freedom for all. One night she dreamed about a PeaceKeeper movement. She saw in this dream that women around the world wanted the same thing…and the words which now appear on the sides of the PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics lipstick carton appeared in her dream: freedom, joy, wisdom, voice, and esteem, in every major language of the world. Jody also chose to focus on developing cosmetics that were pure and clean, containing no toxic ingredients or involving any animal testing. “At first, chemists told me they could show me what real clean cosmetics look like, and they still had acetone, parabens, etc…, so I had to roll up my sleeves and learn the truth about safe cosmetics myself. A few chemists refused to make our products without their harmful ingredients, but now we are working with extraordinary chemists and manufacturers who understand exactly what we are trying to do. We are now ranked as one of the safest cosmetics lines in America. PeaceKeeper prides itself on its slogan "No Nasty Anything!" and is dedicated to creating cosmetics using non-toxic ingredients that will keep your body safe and healthy.  Our products use no toluene, formaldehyde, acetone,  parabens, etc., 100% natural  and 75% or more organic, non-toxic ingredients that are friendly to your body.  Our Eco-Sensual Lip Balm is 100% vegan and 73% organic, and our latest line of YUM Glazes has been certified ‘food-grade’ by the USDA—so eco-friendly you can spread them on your toast for breakfast!  We also have many vegan-friendly products,” says Jody.  Since 2009, PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics has been supporting's projects by purchasing carbon credits as part of their policy of  practicing business in a way that is both socially and environmentally conscious.  PeaceKeeper is also an All-Benefit Company, one of many companies that give all of their distributable profits to charity after taxes, debt repayment, financing costs and reasonable working capital reserves.  Now That’s Beautiful!TM PeaceKeeper is not simply a project created by a few women and the men who love them. For PeaceKeeper to work, many women (and the men who love them) must be involved. Just by buying a few products, you can become a PeaceKeeper too! So, shop online, or find a store near you, for their natural nail and lip polish, with free shipping for orders over $25, as part of the  Million Kisses Campaign in the  “Kiss Museum” on their website.

This post is excerpted with permission from Donna Stuart’s article in  Portland Monthly.

It’s a chilly winter morning on the 1,500-mile flight from Virginia as Janice Newman, pilot of the Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop, starts her descent for a refueling stop in Branson, Missouri. On board: fellow pilot Tom Haas and Linda Moore, former senior biologist at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, and three Mexican wolves, the smallest and most endangered wolf species. Newman and Haas are volunteer pilots with LightHawk, a nonprofit with deep roots in Maine whose mission is “to champion environmental protection through the unique perspective of flight.” They are delivering the wolves to the Wildlife West Nature Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the two four-year-old females and one eleven-year-old male will live as part of a bi-national captive breeding program, the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan (MWSSP). The goal: a transcontinental “date” across the Basin and Range Province to help reintroduce Mexican wolves into the wild. Hidden from view, the shy animals lie curled up in deep beds of hay in burlap-covered dog crates set in the rear of the cabin. Moore, the wolves’ caretaker during the flight, detects their growing agitation. She taps Newman on the shoulder, signaling her to slow the descent. “It’s like they’ve got baby ears. I now know you have to plan the descent so as not to hurt them,” explains Newman, looking back on her first ‘wolf flight’ more than a year ago. Flying out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, she and Haas have since ferried other Mexican wolves to pre-release facilities in Washington state, Missouri, New York, and Arizona in order to accommodate breeding. “We do over 1,000 flights each year for hundreds of environmental groups,” says Portland-based Rudy Engholm, LightHawk’s executive director. Among their many other projects, LightHawk flights have enabled Maine Audubon to make an aerial survey of loons on the state’s northern lakes – important since loons in the wild are said to be a barometer measuring the effects of climate change, mercury and lead contamination in lakes, and land lost to development. The organization has also provided dozens of flights to Maine’s land trusts, helping them monitor and better understand the thousands of acres in their care. The 12-member staff, spread across the U.S. and Mesoamerica, coordinates all the missions flown by nearly 170 volunteer pilots. “We run a decentralized, multi-national [concern] with the number of people who can fit around a family dining table. We try to be judicious about what we do,” Engholm says, noting that LightHawk uses highly efficient aircraft and purchases carbon offsets [through] so the operation is carbon neutral. He estimates this year’s carbon footprint, including staff travel and all mission-related flights, will be about 272 metric tons, assuming 25,000 gallons of aviation fuel. “A single one-way trip from San Francisco to Rio de Janeiro in a 747 would use roughly 40,000 gallons. If society is willing to ‘spend’ these vast amounts of emissions on so many other activities, doesn’t it make sense that we at least invest a small amount of our energy in saving the irreplaceable pieces of wild nature? “The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the pieces [according to Paul Ehrlich in A Sand County Almanac],” concludes Engholm. “That’s the perfect analog for what we do. We try to protect all the pieces of nature–the wildlife, habitats, and diverse ecosystems.”
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