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Linda Kelly

Friday, 22 November 2013 13:23

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About a year and a half ago, became a virtual work environment, eliminating all business office space energy usage and employee commuting emissions.  This move to a virtual work environment has proved successful from an operational standpoint and from an environmental commitment to reducing emissions wherever possible. enjoys partnering with other businesses that maintain virtual work environments and endeavor to deliver their products and services in the most environmentally-responsible method.  One such Carbonfree® partner, JazzEDge made the transition to online piano lessons and instructions over four years ago, as part of their commitment to maintaining an environmentally-sensitive business practice.  By providing piano lessons online and through DVDs, JazzEDge provides students with instructional options that eliminate the carbon emissions caused by driving to and from lessons, and replaces printed sheet music with online options to view or print only those pages needed. has helped JazzEDge augment its commitment to sustainable business operations through the Carbonfree® Business Partnership program.  The annual support of’s carbon reduction and clean air projects enables JazzEDge to achieve carbon neutrality in the rest of its operations. 

“We understand the importance of protecting the environment, and how what we do today will affect our kids and our students’ lives. is a great catalyst to this effort because of all the tools they provide to assist you in your environmental commitment,” explains Willie Myette, JazzEDge President and Berklee College of Music graduate. welcomes the opportunity to partner with JazzEDge.  A business that strives to “reduce what you can” in daily operations, then neutralizes the remaining carbon emissions is a business that can get behind.      

Alder Associates formed in 2001 with the commitment to use combined skills and experience to leverage their clients' success, and bring a seamless combination of knowledge and expertise that enhances clients' thinking, leadership and organizational capability.

As part of their commitment to their own operational success and sustainability, Alder Associates recently joined the CarbonFree® Business Partnership program.  We commend Alder Associates for making this commitment to environmental responsibility and thank them for their partnership.

Alder Associates works with clients to co-design fully integrated approaches in which leadership alignment and strategy implementation are dominant and integral threads in the fabric of the business.  Alder Associates provides a seamlessly integrated set of capabilities: strategy implementation, leadership development, and cultural transformation. 

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As people move away from traditional advertising media like radio, television, and newspapers, advertisers are looking toward non-traditional methods to getting out their message. Sponsorships, street teams, and mobile billboards have all become part of the mix to reach out to the public.

Guerrilla Mobile Billboards was founded in 1999 to meet the underserved market for mobile billboards and mobile outdoor advertising campaigns, using their custom designed and built "guerrilla trucks," which feature a billboard on each side to ensure maximum visibility.  Guerrilla Mobile Billboards can bring your message where others can't - such as the city or event location where traditional outdoor billboard advertising may be prohibitively expensive or completely unavailable. Mobile billboards provide flexibility of location and time. You also have geographic flexibility - you can target small local areas for intensive, exclusive coverage, or large areas for a broader impact.

But Guerrilla Mobile Billboards faced an environmental quandary when it came to disposing of used banners.  In order to have the strength and flexibility to withstand all weather conditions, Guerrilla Mobile Billboards’ banners are made with a scrim reinforcing mesh.  A downside of this durable construction method is that billboard banners cannot easily be recycled, like soft drink bottles and milk jugs. 

To address the recycling and disposal issue of the banners, Guerrilla Mobile Billboards has partnered with Longleaf Lumber of Cambridge, MA to “repurpose” their used billboard banners.  Longleaf Lumber is an antique and reclaimed lumber company with showrooms in Cambridge, MA, and New York City, and a mill in Berwick, ME.  Their primary business is the milling of antique flooring derived from salvaged beams and decking, including Heart Pine and other woods associated with older and historical buildings.  Until Guerrilla Mobile Billboards teamed up with Longleaf Lumber, they were forced to dispose of the used advertising banners.  But a fortuitous discussion in early 2008 led to a repurposing partnership between the two companies.  Guerrilla Mobile Billboards welcomed the first visit by Marc Poirier of LongLeaf Lumber and his flatbed truck, and loaded up roughly 100 used 10’ x 20’ banners for the repurposing project.  Longleaf Lumber now repurposes the used banners to protect their reclaimed beams and boards, which are stored outside, from harsh weather elements.  The banners are much stronger than the typical plastic tarps you buy at the building supply stores thus keeping the wood better protected from wind, rain, sun and snow.    “I love the added attraction of the bright colors and unique scenes that these billboards give to our large stacks of weathered wood.  It can be mixed media art at times,” says Alice DeGennaro of Longleaf Lumber.

We’re honored to have Guerilla Billboards as a CarbonFree® partner for the past five years, and we applaud their banner repurposing project with Longleaf Lumber as a great example of “reducing what you can” in operational waste and emissions.

Looking for some high-flying adventure on your next trip to Hawaii?  Check out Skyline Eco-Adventures, founded in 2002 by father and son, Buck and Danny Boren in Maui, Hawaii.  The Borens had a dream to share their love for the outdoors with others through an exciting new adventure experience that would thrill customers, while highlighting the importance of preserving Hawaii's fragile environment, and making significant contributions to those preservation efforts. Skyline opened the United States' first zipline tour just minutes from Haleakala National Park, and launched its second location, The Ka'anapali Skyline Adventure, high above Maui's Ka'anapali Resort.  Their latest location, over breath-taking Akaka Falls, is now open on the Big Island. Skyline Eco-Adventures was founded with the mission “to provide a safe and exciting means for seeing and experiencing the natural wonder of the Hawaiian Islands while always aiding in the preservation and perpetuation of the island's unique land and culture, so that they may retain their body and spirit for all future generations.” It is that vision which has led the company to focus on efforts to preserve the native ecosystems, biodiversity, and indigenous cultures, engage in recycling programs and reforestation efforts, and educate their staff and customers about all of these issues in a fun and exciting way. Customers enjoy the thrill of flying through the air, witnessing spectacular Hawaiian scenery, while learning about the area’s host environment and culture.  Last weekend, Skyline hosted "Zip for the Trees",  a 2011 Arbor Day event which raised $8,000 for Maui non-profit groups, and got various Youth Groups involved planting over 600 trees in one day! In 2007, Skyline committed to making all tours and adventures carbon neutral. Skyline strives to reduce its own carbon emissions, and whatever cannot be eliminated is offset through their partnership with, making Skyline a CarbonFree® business. To get a sense of the thrills that a Skyline Eco-Adventure experience can offer, check out their videos, read their customer testimonials, then book your zipline tour online today.  You can also “Follow the Adventure” and be the first to find out about new zipline locations and special events.
It’s been a brutal winter for most of the U.S., and for many countries around the world. Perhaps it’s time for a respite – time to dream of warm, sunny weather and complete relaxation. What better way than to ease back into a comfy string hammock. Here’s the perfect antidote, and an incredible story from one of our newest partners. In the spring of 2010, Joe Demin set out to Thailand, the “land of smiles”, to visit friends. Four flights and two boat rides later in the 9500-mile trans-global journey, Joe found himself on the island of Ko Lanta, in search of a map that would lead to the island’s most beautiful areas. The map was available at the hammock shop in the Old Town section of Ko Lanta. In the process of locating the map, Joe stumbled upon the beautiful, brightly colored string hammocks made by the Mlabri people of Thailand. His first experience in the hammocks sealed his interest. “It wrapped around like a velvet glove, like a hug from mom when you were little and had a long tiring day.” And the story of the Mlabri people intensified Joe’s resolve.  A nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe with no concept of land ownership or relationship with the outside world, the Mlabri were known as the “The People of the Yellow Leaves” after their simple huts covered with interwoven banana leaves that dry and change to a bright yellow color. Their way of life was devastated as the lands around them were claimed and deforested. By 2009, their numbers had dwindled to just 300 and they were listed on the Endangered Languages list. Without the benefit of land or education, they were in dire straits. Impoverished and forced to work in slave-like conditions or faux “tourist shows” that charged visitors for a chance to view their “primitive ways”, the future appeared bleak for the Mlabri.  Then, they were discovered by a missionary and a Swiss textile engineer who taught them basic business savvy and helped them adapt their natural weaving skills into specially designed hammock weaves. The beauty and comfort of the Mlabri Hammocks caught the eye of various visitors over the years, establishing a consumer following and several sales outposts  in Asia.  To read more about the Mlabri Tribe and their inspiring story of survival and recovery, please see the article on ShoestringVentures. When Joe heard the story of the people who created the hammocks, he knew that he wanted to go further than simply bringing a Mlabri hammock back to Boston. The story of the Mlabri people inspired his conviction to create the Yellow Leaf Hammock brand and create positive social change through sales of products that positively contributed to a sustainable lifestyle for the Mlabri Tribe. Seeing an amazing, high-quality product, created in a sustainable setting, justified his belief that a profitable company could succeed by benefiting the greater good. Yellow Leaf aims to use social entrepreneurship to help endangered ethnic groups secure a footing into the future -- all from the comfort of a hammock.  The Yellow Leaf Hammocks are functional works of art.  Their brightly colored fibers and intricate woven patterns contribute to the beauty, strength and comfort of Yellow Leaf Hammocks.  The master weavers who handcraft each hammock take great pride in their work and have engineered these to be the most comfortable hammocks on the market!  Every hammock is produced in a healthy and family oriented environment and weavers are compensated fairly, earning double the average Thai wage.  Joe has committed to offset the emissions created by shipping the hammocks from Thailand to his Boston warehouse, then on to his customers, by donating to and supporting our reforestation projects. “Do Good, Relax” and the Thai phrase “Sabai, Sabai” (translated roughly as No Worries!) are the key phrases that guide Yellow Leaf.  And Joe anointed himself the “Chief Relaxation Officer”, to be sure that the message gets across!  “Experience a vacation right outside your door” and treat yourself to the comfort, relaxation and escape of a Yellow Leaf Hammock.
In the Spring of 2007, WVO Management was established as Houston's first green waste vegetable oil recycler, providing safe, clean and timely removal of waste vegetable oil and creating new local green-collar jobs. Their mission is to contribute 100% of the usable oils to local recycling efforts that provide the greatest environmental re-use. WVO purchases waste vegetable oil from Greater Houston and Greater Lufkin restaurants and commercial kitchens/bakeries. Their recycling program meets all local, state and federal laws and guidelines.  Their customers receive carefree and professional waste vegetable oil removal services, and gain the benefit of participating in an environmentally friendly recycling program. From the start, WVO was built as a company that is conscientious about their impact on the environment. From the recycled paper on which their business cards are printed to the green energy used to power their workshop and offices, WVO is making business choices that make sense for their bottom line and for the future of our planet, by leveraging sustainability for profitability.  Part of WVO's environmental commitment includes supporting the mission and projects of through their CarbonFree® Partnership.  And the folks at WVO proudly proclaim that yes, they are tree-hugging capitalists. WVO also encourages their employees to be active participants in the community and affords them the balance between family and work to succeed. And the WVO Management Charitable Endowment Fund hosts three programs designed for Cause Related Marketing Initiatives of WVO Management LLC and their Houston donor businesses. To learn more about WVO, their services and community support, click here.
Looking to settle down on the west coast and seeking the best in sustainable living there? For over 20 years, Pacific Living Properties has been providing quality apartment homes to meet the needs of their residents. The owner-managed, family-run business is committed to offering an exceptional living environment to residents in their properties throughout California and Washington. Pacific Living Properties also strive to promote sustainable living practices in the communities in which their residents live and work. They are committed to reducing the ecological footprint of their communities and creating sustainable living environments. Through a commitment to eco-friendly practices, residents enjoy better health and a healthier planet when living at a Pacific Living Properties community. The communities are committed to the Be Green program which actively pursues creating healthier environments while reducing overall environmental impact. They work with local government, universities, non-profits and the private sector to help create sustainable lifestyles and business practices to protect our environment. The Pacific Living Community solar-powered headquarters is equipped with a rooftop 10,200 watt photo-voltaic solar energy generating system, which is 100% noise and emissions-free, producing 15,161 kWh of electricity per year. Pacific Living Properties is continually looking for opportunities to incorporate solar and other renewable energy solutions into their offices and apartment communities. And Pacific Living Communities promotes its Green Actions for Green Benefits from various energy efficiency and conservation initiatives, providing its residents with a listing of the benefits they receive from the Green Actions that Pacific Living Communities pursues on their behalf. One of these benefits includes a carbon offsetting program with, which helps Pacific Living Properties to offset operational emissions that cannot be eliminated by supporting’s energy efficiency, renewable energy and reforestation projects that help to reduce greenhouse gases. Pacific Living Communities also provides suggestions and recommendations to its residents about ways they can conserve and contribute to environmentally sustainable living. Their site advises that “small changes in your everyday actions can save you money, improve your health and meaningfully reduce your environmental impact”, and provides ways to conserve water, energy, reduce waste and “buy and clean green”. Learn more about the green living initiatives and welcoming communities at Pacific Living Properties, and take advantage of their “fall into savings” $100 off any new rental special offer through November 30th.
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