Tuesday, 24 May 2011 15:08

Orbitz - Five Years and 100 Million Miles of Mitigation

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Since 2007, Orbitz and thousands of their customers have participated in Orbitz’ program to reduce the carbon emissions from their travel, the equivalent of flying over 100 million miles. Through their carbon reduction program with Carbonfund.org Foundation, eco-website and employee environmental initiatives, Orbitz has taken a stand to be part of the solution to global warming. We applaud Orbitz’ carbon reduction efforts since 2007. Orbitz is showing the leadership we need in the 21st century to solve one of our most pressing problems, global warming. Through direct, measurable and certifiable carbon reductions, Orbitz is making a difference today while helping facilitate new projects and technologies that will guide environmental protection in the future. It takes a lot for a company to acknowledge that their product has pollution associated with it, and most companies choose to do nothing. Orbitz has taken a front-and-center approach toward educating their customers about global warming, the role travel plays and also provided a pro-active solution empowering their customers to neutralize the global warming impact of their travel. Further, Orbitz is committed to their environmental programs, expanding them each year. Orbitz’ carbon reduction program is reducing over 50 million pounds of global warming causing greenhouse gasses to date.
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