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Goodbaker goes with Carbonfund.org as Their Offset Provider

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Washington, DC. November 7, 2005 – Goodbaker, the vegan gourmet baking company, announced today they were going ‘Zero Carbon’ by offsetting the firm’s climate footprint via Carbonfund. Each month, Goodbaker calculates its carbon output, and offsets the equivalent via a donation to Carbonfund. Carbonfund in turn supports carbon-reducing projects globally.

“Goodbaker is another small and dynamic firm that has taken the logical step to offset the carbon they produce,” said Carbonfund.org President Lesley Marcus Carlson.  “Goodbaker has realized that offsetting a company’s climate footprint is not only a good step ethically, it is also good business.”

“As a young business, viability is a constant concern. But there are many ways to define success, and our environmental and social viability is just as important to us as our financial viability,” said Lee Busch, CEO of Goodbaker. “We decided to go carbon neutral with Carbonfund.org for the same reason we decided to use organic and unrefined ingredients. Goodbaker is about providing delicious alternatives to foods that have traditionally been health-robbing. So it makes sense that everything else we do should have a positive impact as well. Carbonfund.org is a fantastic way to lower our environmental impact, and we are encouraging all our business partners to do this as well.”

Goodbaker makes delicious artisan baking mixes that are easy to prepare, and made with whole, unrefined organic ingredients. With nothing artificial, no cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, refined sweeteners, trans fats, GMOs, pesticides, animal ingredients or bad karma, Goodbaker is good for you and the planet.

Carbonfund.org makes it easy and affordable for individuals and businesses to reduce their climate impact to zero.  With its easy-to-use calculator, low offset cost per ton of CO2, and certified offset projects, Carbonfund.org is proving that anyone can reduce their impact on climate change quickly and efficiently.  Carbonfund.org is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization.

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