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IMD, International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland initiates new green initiatives including a carbon offsetting program.

Lausanne, Switzerland, 23 January 2007 – With its Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) IMD has a long history of supporting ecologically and socially sustainable initiatives among partners in its Learning Network. According to Peter Lorange, President, IMD itself should however take the lead in ecologically sound behavior on its own campus too.

In 2007, IMD will invest Sfr.3 million in a more sustainable cooling system which will reduce the school’s use of fossil fuels and thus its carbon emissions. In addition, IMD will “offset” its carbon emissions - primarily from travel and use of electricity and natural gas on campus - by an annual donation to the Carbonfund.org Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports climate-friendly projects. Carbonfund.org promotes climate change education, carbon offsets and green power, and it supports efforts by individuals and businesses to reduce the threat of climate change. In 2007, it will spend IMD’s donation on a reforestation project in India and Nepal. Over 8000 trees will be planted, which will offset the 2700 tons of CO2 that IMD generates. In addition to reforestation, future targets for IMD’s donations may include renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Peter Lorange, IMD President, comments:

”The environment is of great importance to IMD’s learning partners, as it is for IMD itself. We want to demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gases by joining the carbon offset program run by Carbonfund.org. As far as we are aware, we are the first business school to take the decision to offset all of our carbon emissions. However, we know offsetting is not enough. We aim to further reduce our consumption of fossil fuels too. In 2007 we will be installing a cooling system that uses cold water from Lake Geneva (from a depth of 40 meters, where the temperature of the water is constant at 7°C all year long) to cool the buildings on our campus. This new system replaces a traditional system that operates on gas and CFCs. In addition, IMD’s CSM forum will of course continue its research into corporate social responsibility, which includes supporting our partner companies in developing strategies and products that take the environment into account.”

Michael Yaziji, IMD Professor of Strategy, adds:

“It is simply our responsibility to do all we can to reduce and neutralize our carbon footprint. Our clients look to us as a role model of organizations and good corporate governance. I hope our example will inspire our learning partners to follow suit.”

About IMD – International Institute for Management Development
IMD - International Institute for Management Development - is an independent not-for-profit foundation located in Lausanne, Switzerland. For over 60 years it has trained managers of leading international companies. Its proven “Real World. Real Learning” philosophy is designed to enhance leadership in every area of management. IMD helps executives and companies find new and innovative ways to sustain global competitiveness. (http://www.imd.ch)

About CSM – The Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management
The Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) is IMD’s corporate sustainability research initiative. Corporations participate in the forum to build a sustainable business advantage through social and environmental strategic action. (http://www.imd.ch/csm)

About Carbonfund.org
Carbonfund.org is a national non-profit organization leading the fight against climate change. Carbonfund.org educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. Carbonfund.org is reducing the threat of climate change by promoting cost-effective carbon reductions and supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions. Carbonfund.org works with over 100 corporate and non-profit partners including the National Wildlife Federation, Dell, Ovation Travel Group and Working Assets.

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