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EcoBranders Offsets its Carbon Emissions with Carbonfund.org

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Renton, WA, August 20, 2007 – EcoBranders announced today its new partnership with Carbonfund.org, the country’s leading carbon reduction and offset organization. EcoBranders has committed to offset 100% of the carbon emissions generated by the shipping of its client’s orders. This practical step highlights EcoBranders commitment to be a leader in the promotional products industry.

EcoBranders’ stakeholders are very concerned about global warming and other environmental issues.  Considering the implications of climate change, carbon offsets through Carbonfund.org are a natural extension of the work EcoBranders does on behalf of its stakeholders. 

“We fully recognize the seriousness of the problems caused by global warming and are committed to being a part of the solution”, says company president Stacee Matheson.  “Our company was built with the purpose of being a platform for change, allowing us to better the world in various ways.  Our partnership with Carbonfund.org falls right in line with that mission.”

“EcoBranders is a great example of an organization that is leading the way in protecting our environment,” said Steve Offutt, Chief Operating Officer of Carbonfund.org.  “They exemplify our motto: Reduce what you can; offset what you can’t.  By selling a comprehensive line of more sustainable products, they are reducing what they can, and by taking the next step to actively offset their shipping emissions, they are offsetting what they can’t.  We are pleased to have them as a CarbonFree partner.”

Carbonfund.org is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make carbon offsets and climate protection easy, affordable and a normal way of life for every individual and business. Carbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one location, where it is cost effective, to offset the emissions they are responsible for in their normal activities, like home, office, driving or air travel emissions. By supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation projects Carbonfund.org will retire an equivalent amount of carbon offsets.  The financial support from these offsets will then help to continue the development of clean, renewable domestic sources of energy.

About EcoBranders
EcoBranders, a corporate merchandising firm, is a leading provider of eco-friendly promotional products, including apparel.  The company’s extensive offering includes products made from sustainable resources such as recycled materials, organic cotton, corn plastic, soy, bamboo and industrial hemp.  EcoBranders is dedicated to helping organizations deliver a consistent sustainable business message, and values-driven promotions by providing them with environmentally responsible merchandise to place their logo on.  The company donates one percent of its annual sales revenues to environmental organizations in the U.S.

About Carbonfund.org 
Carbonfund.org is the country’s leading carbon reduction and offset organization. Carbonfund.org educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. Carbonfund.org works with almost 300 corporate and non-profit partners including Discovery, Dell, Orbitz, Lancome, Environmental Defense and Credo Mobile.

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